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  • Matters needing attention in the operation of metal baler:
    1.When the machine is running,it is forbidden to put your hands or head into the frame.If you put your head or hands into the frame,it will cause damage to the body of the packer.
    2.When we remove the upper panel,we must first cut off the power switch,unplug the power supply,and then repair and adjust the machine.

    3.Pay attention to some matters when using electrical components,such as when repairing and adjusting the metal baler,you must pay attention to turning off the power switch and unplugging the power plug.When the power is turned on,touching the electronic control box and transformer by hand will cause electric shock.Danger.

    In addition,the external insulation is damaged,and contact with the body may cause an electric shock accident,which is very dangerous.

    There are many precautions for metal baler.These are just the most basic.

    Nick Machinery hopes that everyone can produce safely and protect their own safety.

    For more information about metal baler,contact 86-029-86031588 or visit: www.nkbaler.net

  • With the further development of the Internet,mobile Internet terminals such as mobile phones and tablets have become a powerful force in the search field.
    As a traditional metal baler industry,it is also facing an unprecedented reform.

    Anyone who knows the metal baler industry knows that Internet search and purchase of metal baler is a way that most users will choose.Traditional purchases are done through computer searches.

    However,in recent years,the blowout development of mobile Internet tools such as mobile phones has greatly changed people's search habits.In the foreseeable future,Mobile search may replace the search pattern in the computer era.The metal baler industry will also usher in its own spring.
    Nick brand metal baler is easy to operate,simple to maintain,high quality,perfect after-sales,is your best choice.
    For more information about metal baler,contact 86-029-86031588 or visit: www.nkbaler.net
  • The waste recycling station is in a connecting position in the entire waste recycling industry chain.Therefore,the purchase price and selling price of recycling stations directly affect the cost of the waste recycling industry.
    Nowadays,many domestic enterprises in our country are also responsible for environmental protection and resource recycling.In terms of waste recycling,the ideal goal is to return from resources to resources.
    For example,for the cans used for packaging beer and beverages,the scrap baler can separate aluminum and iron.This will not only improve economic efficiency,but more importantly,it can achieve the best use of materials and maximize resource conservation.

    Working efficiently on the recycling industry chain can also make a fortune.

    The aluminum-iron separation technology can separate the iron and aluminum components in the cans,which not only completes the reuse of resources,but also improves the added value of recycled products.

    Wastes are wastes only when they are mixed together.Once sorted and recovered,they are all treasures,which can also create more economic value.
    Nick brand scrap baler is easy to operate,safe and energy saving,and is your best helper.
    For more information about hydraulic baler,contact 86-029-86031588 or visit: www.nkbaler.net
  • The hydraulic metal baler is to achieve the purpose of baling by exerting a certain pressure on the material.During its operation,it can be divided into three operating stages.
    Today Nick Baler will take you to know what these three stages are?
    After the hydraulic metal baler starts,it will enter the working state.

    The first stage is simply to use the box cover to compress the metal material;then the force increases,this pressing force will further increase,and thus enter the initial tightening stage,this tightening may be any two punches in different directions The punching movement performed.

    In the first phase of survey materials,it has basically been compacted,but it has not been completed yet,and it needs to be completed through the final tightening phase.
    In these three stages,the direction of the force may be different,and the effect after the action is also different,but the ultimate goal is to better complete the packaging process.
    The Nick brand metal baler is hydraulically driven,easy to operate,stable in work,and automatic out of the package.It is a good helper for your production.
    For more information about hydraulic baler,contact 86-029-86031588 or visit: www.nkbaler.net

  • Everyone knows the hydraulic baler,so what are the ground requirements before the hydraulic baler is installed?Or can you install it at will?
    Of course,you can't install it casually,you must follow the points below.
    1.The materials used to set up the hydraulic baler must be qualified.The hydraulic baler rods,connectors and fasteners with defects such as deformation and cracks are strictly prohibited to use.The fasteners and connectors of the hydraulic baler shall not be repaired by welding. .

    2.The foundation ground of the hydraulic baler must be flat,compact and hard,and its metal base plate must be flat without any deformation.When the ground is soft,a sweeping rod or pad must be used to increase the force surface and increase stability.

    3.All hydraulic balers must be installed in accordance with relevant standards and regulations(the hydraulic balers must be horizontal and vertical,and the span and spacing must meet the requirements of the specifications).No matter what height the hydraulic baler is set up,instability is not allowed.
    4.The springboard on the hydraulic baler must be neatly laid,and the width and length should be consistent (except for special parts).The springboard on any hydraulic baler must be fixed firmly,and there must be no large holes on the platform(except for special parts).
    If you have any questions,please call Nick Company:86-29-86031588 or visit us : www.nkbaler.net 
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