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  • As we all know, there are many types of hydraulic shears for scrap steel, including crocodile shears, tiger-head shears, gantry shears, box shears and metal shears. The models and specifications of these hydraulic shears are also different. Customers have different choices of raw materials and different equipment. It is very difficult to read more. Among them, the crocodile shears and the tiger head shears are more controversial, and the appearance of the two is not much different, and the shearing mechanism is similar. Both crocodile shears and tiger-head shears are used for cutting materials in diagonal shear (scissors). The difference between the 500-ton tiger-head shearing machine is to press up and down, so that the pressure is sufficient, the material is squeezed evenly, and the shearing type It is not easy to turn the material, and the cut is flat and crisp. The crocodile shears are all oblique shears. The bite force is small, the material is easy to turn and hurt people, and the small tonnage is small.
    When choosing the two shears, there are several points to consider:
    1. The thickness of the material.
    2. How much is the labor cost (Tiger head shears automation saves labor).
    3. Equipment capital budget.

    4. The size of the venue.

    NKBALER professionally provides gantry shears, crocodile shears, tiger head shears, etc., which are easy to operate, reliable in quality and stable in performance. Welcome to buy.
  • Straw baler is a common baling equipment in daily life. It has the advantages of convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, good stability, and beautiful appearance. But in order to prolong the service life of the equipment, it is very important to clean up after use.
    In order to ensure the normal production and operation of the equipment, the dust on the straw balers and the dust and sundries between the various parts must be cleaned and wiped at the end of work. During the cleaning process, the operator must carefully implement the cleaning standards of the equipment, because In the process of baling, it is easy to produce a lot of straw residue. Failure to clean up in time will affect the use of the next automatic baler.

    Secondly, every time the straw baler is produced, the components and lubricating oil must be added to the straw baler. Enough attention must be paid during production to ensure efficient production and safe production of the equipment, while not causing damage to the equipment and prolonging its service life.

    It is very important to clean up after the daily operation of the straw baler. I hope everyone can master the correct cleaning and maintenance methods to effectively extend the service life of the equipment. For more information, follow www.nkaler.com

  • 1. The material of the hydraulic baler-if the hydraulic baler rods are qualified after inspection and have deformations, cracks and other defects, the connecting parts and fasteners are strictly prohibited. The fasteners and connecting parts of the hydraulic baler must not be used Repair by welding.
    2. The foundation ground of the hydraulic baler must be flat, tamped, and hard, and the metal substrate must be flat without deformation. When the ground is soft, use a sweeping rod or pad to strengthen the bearing surface and enhance stability.
    3. The hydraulic baler must be set up in accordance with relevant standards and regulations (the hydraulic baler must be horizontal and vertical, and the span and spacing must meet the requirements of the specification). No matter what height the hydraulic baler is set up, it can't be unstable.

    4. The springboard on the hydraulic baler needs to be laid neatly, and the width and length should be consistent. The springboard on the hydraulic baler must be fixed and firm, and there must be no large holes on the platform surface.

    NMKBALER is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic Balers. If you need to buy a hydraulic Baler, you can go to the website for consultation or telephone consultation. www.nkbaler.com, Tel: 86-29-86031588
  • From the current point of view, the price of waste paper recycling has continued to rise. Sales of waste paper balers are also continuing to pick up.
    From a long-term perspective, invest in a waste paper baler to build a baling station, where the profit is very considerable. Because the hydraulic baler has a wide range of applications, it can be packaged and bundled, waste cardboard boxes, crop straws, plastic bottles, plastic films, and turnover. Household garbage such as boxes and light materials and metals.
    It is an environmentally-friendly machine and equipment that is indispensable for energy saving and consumption reduction of waste materials recycling companies. It is a weapon to reduce transportation costs, save space and compress waste materials.

    Wherever there are people, domestic waste will be produced, and there will be market space for fully automatic hydraulic balers. Therefore, hydraulic balers are one of the indispensable machinery and equipment for handling domestic garbage.

    NKBALER has produced and sold hydraulic baler equipment for more than ten years and has customers in more than 60 countries all over the world. The technology has been fully familiarized. You are welcome to visit, learn, and guide work on the spot. Please call 86-29-86031588.
  • With the rapid development of enterprises nowadays, many products have moved towards high-end roads. After all, only when the price is reached, the equipment can truly exert its performance. NKBALER will analyze the status quo of contemporary balers for you.
    Waste paper balers, straw balers, and plastic balers have begun to move toward high-end development. The high-end automatic plastic balers produced by well-known companies have improved performance while lowering the sales price, and are fully automatic hydraulic balers that seize the market at low prices. Manufacturers have lost their competitive advantage and have almost no ability to resist risks.
    Industry competition will eventually move towards high-end equipment competition. No matter what market competition is, products without excellent quality assurance will eventually be eliminated by the market.
    Only high-quality fully automatic plastic baler companies can win the favor of users, continuously increase market share and market coverage, and finally create their own brand of fully automatic plastic baler.
    Manufacturers deeply understand the importance of development. Only with development can they find their dreams and win challenges better.

    The dream of the fully automatic hydraulic baler is to go to the road of rapid development, to the world, and to win new challenges.

    NKBALER's high-end technology makes the automatic plastic baler more adapt to the development of the times and provide you with better services.

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