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How To Choose Hydraulic Oil For Small Automatic Waste Paper Baler
Author : admin Time : 2023-06-14 AllPageView : 220
While the small fully automatic waste paper baler brings changes to the environment, it also greatly reduces manpower consumption. In the process of using waste paper baler, the hydraulic system is very important, and hydraulic oil is one of the important factors for the normal operation of the hydraulic system, and how to choose it needs to be mastered.
Choose hydraulic oil varieties according to the working environment of the waste paper baler
If the hydraulic system of the small automatic waste paper baler works indoors, the temperature changes little in the four seasons, and the oil viscosity is not required to change with the temperature. Generally, the viscosity index of the hydraulic oil can meet the requirements when the viscosity index reaches 90, and the HL or HM type can be selected. 
Hydraulic oil.
If you work outdoors for a long time, the viscosity of the oil should change with temperature to be small, the viscosity index of the hydraulic oil should be greater than 130, and it also requires good starting performance at low temperatures. HV type low-temperature hydraulic oil should be used in cold areas, which can generally be used up to -20°C, and HS type low-temperature hydraulic oil should be used in severe cold areas, which can be used at -


If you work in a hot, humid, coastal environment, you may be exposed to a lot of water mist and salt mist. At this time, you should choose hydraulic oil with excellent anti-rust performance. Especially small automatic waste paper balers operating in coastal environments require hydraulic oil. Has the ability to prevent rust.

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