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  • NKBALER universal hydraulic baler is widely used in various industries for the packaging of soft fiber materials and iron filings and thin iron materials, such as cotton fiber, linen, wool, clothing, cloth, towels, waste plastics, wheat straw, straw, paper edges, Waste paper box, sawdust, cotton seed husk, medicinal materials, etc. It brings great convenience and considerable economic benefits to customers' material storage and transportation.

    Hydraulic balers are widely used in the green and dry storage of forage grass in animal husbandry, and the packaging of garlic skins. It can save storage space and extend the feeding time of green straw. After packaging and sealing, it will naturally ferment to produce probiotics, beneficial bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, and protein, which will be naturally fermented. Cattle, sheep and other livestock will be easily absorbed after feeding, and the growth rate will increase. 2%, which greatly reduces the cost of feed transportation and storage, and reduces the labor intensity of workers. It has brought tangible economic benefits to the animal husbandry industry. It is one of the necessary products for the silage reclaiming of medium and large breeding plants.

    NKBALER rice husk baler has simple structure, stable performance, wide application range and high working efficiency. Welcome to buy.
  • Manufacturer of small corncob baler. NKBALER is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic balers. Its products are widely used in the packaging of soft fiber materials in various industries (such as plush, cotton, linen, clothing, cloth, towels, paper edges, waste plastics, wheat straw, chrysanthemum leaves, tobacco Etc.) Bring great convenience and considerable economic benefits to the storage and transportation of customer goods.
    Welfare is what we all want. Welfare can better condense our strength and pursue a better harmony. In continuous development, we have realized the importance of welfare. The rapid development of Nick corncob balers has made the market happy. In more cases, the market has also realized this wonderful thing. In the rapid development, the corncob balers have defeated the market with their own technology. The beauty of the corncob balers can be seen, and the beauty of the corncob balers is also a happy thing for the market. It is eager for mature corncob balers. Chase your dream.

    As a well-known corncob Baler company, Nick has a huge consumer market and occupies a huge market share. It is in such a rapid development that we have seen that the corncob Baler has a broad development space in the market. The beauty of the corncob balers is worth having. The rapid improvement of the functions of the corncob balers has also made us realize that the corncob balers have great strength as packaging equipment in the new era. The reason why it is supported by the market is also because the corncob Baler shoulders the heavy responsibility and has a strong strength. The corncob balers will be more colorful tomorrow.

    NKBALER is a professional manufacturer of corncob baler. Welcome to our company website www.nkbaler.com for consultation.
  • At present, the production capacity of waste paper balers has developed rapidly, but the industry's technological progress is relatively slow, and the R&D and innovation capabilities are low. The service life and reliability of waste paper balers have gradually been unable to meet the needs of technological development, so technological innovation is urgently needed.
    Waste paper balers are currently still stuck on capacity expansion, which makes China’s waste paper balers lack a certain brand effect. Therefore, in terms of technological innovation of waste paper balers, we must increase our efforts to help my country’s waste paper balers. make a contribution.

    At present, many manufacturers of waste paper balers lack the awareness of protecting their own intellectual property rights. They have not applied for patents in all aspects for the new products and new technologies they have researched, and have carried out effective property rights protection. When this type of new products enters Soon after the market, it will be easily imitated by other manufacturers.

    NICKBALER has an experienced and strong production and sales team, focusing on the production and research and development of horizontal Balers, and actively developing new products that meet customer needs. www.nickbaler.net
  • The hydraulic system of the crocodile shearing machine adopts precision hydraulic components. Correct use directly affects the life of the machine. Therefore, the user must strictly abide by the following maintenance items of the crocodile shearing machine:
    1. The oil tank of the crocodile shearing machine should be cleaned and replaced regularly. The cleaning and replacement cycle is determined by the working environment and process characteristics;
    2. When disassembling, overhauling, and reassembling the components of this hydraulic system, attention must be paid to the cleanliness of the parts, and no stolen goods are allowed to be brought into the system;
    3. It is forbidden to cut materials with too hard rigidity and large volume to avoid overloading operation of the machine.
    4. The adjustment method of the knife edge is too loose or too tight. If it is too loose, loosen the screw inside the main shaft screw and tighten the outer screw a bit. If it is too tight, loosen the outer screw and tighten the inner screw to the knife edge. Appropriate cutting shall prevail.

    After each shutdown, the function switch must be moved to the emergency stop position, so that when the motor oil pump is turned on each time, the machine does not move, and when there is no debris or personnel on the machine, move the function switch to the cutting position.

    NICKBALER will never stop, will continue to improve the quality and function of the product itself, and produce more high-quality mechanical equipment for a wide range of users! www.nickbaler.net
  • Over the years, the rapid development of my country's economy has brought about rapid industrial growth. The market scale of metal shears has also expanded, and sales have risen rapidly, which undoubtedly brought huge profits to metal shear manufacturers.
    Due to the strong market demand and the short supply of products, the production scale of metal shears has been further expanded, and the industry prospects are bright. The following is a more detailed analysis:
    1. As the country pays more and more attention to environmental protection, energy-saving and environmentally friendly industries have gained opportunities for development, and the scrap steel recycling industry has undoubtedly been encouraged by the country. The metal shearing machine is an indispensable tool in the scrap steel recycling industry. It plays an important role in the cutting, dismantling and reorganization of scrap steel. It is highly flexible, easy to operate, and is loved by customers. It has a broader market. Therefore, the market demand for metal shears will continue to rise .
    2. my country's industrial level has reached a certain level. Old-fashioned equipment is not suitable for industrial production and market development. New equipment with advanced technology will undoubtedly occupy the market. The upgrading of equipment is unavoidable in any industry.

    3. Since ancient times, China has been a populous country with a large labor force and obvious advantages in labor costs. It has a great competitive advantage in the domestic and international markets. It is expected that my country's metal shears will still have bright market development prospects in the future.

    As a well-known hydraulic machinery company, NICKBALER has always won the market with quality and service, and has achieved one-stop service from pre-sales to after-sales, so that customers can use it with more confidence and satisfaction. www.nickbaler.com

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