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Analyze the harm of the waste paper baler system if the temperature is too high?
Author : admin Time : 2023-11-09 AllPageView : 139
The weather is hot during summer time, making the ambient temperature high. The temperature of the waste paper baler system is suitable in the range of 60-80°C, and the limited temperature should not exceed 100°C. The temperature of the system is too high will cause the following reasons.
1. Some parts of the waste paper baler will be thermally deformed, and the moving elements with different thermal expansion coefficients will be stuck due to their smaller size, which will cause the spring to fail and cause the working quality of the components to deteriorate.
2. The viscosity of the waste paper baler will drop, the air leakage will increase greatly, and the friction resistance will increase, causing the damage to deepen
3. Deformation of the rubber seal of the waste paper baler, rapid aging and failure, light packaging and simple sealing mechanical performance and service life, resulting in leakage.

4. The oxidative qualitative change of the waste paper baler oil will reduce the service life of the hydraulic oil. It will cause the pressure valve to be stuck and not move, and it will also crack.

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