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  • The analysis of experts in the OCC waste paper baler industry pointed out that the current leading indicators of the waste paper baler industry show positive signs, indicating that the overall operation of the baler industry is showing signs of improvement, and this improvement includes innovation-driven, transformation and upgrading. Positive factors.
    At present, the entire waste paper baler industry should also seize this strategic opportunity period, and strive to deepen innovation in baler equipment technology and manufacturer management methods, change the traditional backward model in the past, and change this situation. Work hard to improve the quality of baler equipment and use quality to gain market advantages.

    The majority of waste paper baler manufacturers must follow the market’s healthy competition and development, follow the trend of the times, and do their best to provide customers with a full range of waste paper baler equipment and services, so as to make the baler brand bigger and stronger .

    NICKBALER is committed to the production of waste paper balers, with a complete range of characteristics, such as reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, and accurate accuracy. www.nickbaler.com

  • Factors affecting the productivity stability of straw balers: the specifications and models of the packaging, the different models and specifications, the production volume is different, and the different specifications and models immediately affect the straw baler.
    Manufacturing efficiency of stalk balers. The manufacturing efficiency of the basic straw baler is higher than that of the straw baler with a door at the feed inlet. Manufacturing of straw balers
    The characteristics of the hydraulic cylinder of the straw baler are also inseparable. The performance index of the hydraulic cylinder affects the reliability of the straw baler. To ensure the manufacturing characteristics of straw balers
    It is necessary to choose a straw baler manufacturer with exquisite workmanship of hydraulic cylinders. The quality of the gear oil used in the straw baler machinery and equipment has an immediate impact on the quality of the gear oil.
    Whether the hydraulic cylinder can give full play to its great effect will also affect the repair rate and service life of the hydraulic cylinder. Ensure straw baler production
    Manufactured with genuine No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil. Convenience of practical operation, handling characteristics, and low equipment failure of the automatic control system of the hydraulic press straw baler The rate also determines the efficiency of the Baling Machine operation of the package.

    With the rapid development of the straw baler machinery manufacturing industry, the intelligent level of machinery and equipment is getting higher and higher, and the same is true in the field of straw balers, automation technologyThe level is developing rapidly.

    The machines produced by NKBALER,It have the characteristics of many varieties, complete specifications and strong matching, and can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. Our hotline number is 86-29-86031588.

  • Gantry shears have been widely used in many fields, and it is easy to deal with all kinds of scrap copper and steel. Do you know the advantages of Gantry shears?
    1. Less working noise
    In the operation of heavy machinery and equipment, working noise can be regarded as a negative effect of environmental pollution, but there is no need to worry when using a gantry shearing machine, because the working noise of the NICKBALER gantry shearing machine is very low, and it is basically normal that the human ear will not cause discomfort. Within decibels, the hearing of the staff will not be affected by the long-term noise, so that the operator can get better safety protection at work.
    2. The operation is very stable
    Compared with some similar cutting tools, when we use the gantry shearing machine, we will have a more stable operation experience without too much working range. The gantry shearing machine can cut various metal materials easily. , While maintaining the stability of the equipment itself, it also achieves a very fast and crisp shearing effect.
    3. Large range of cut surface

    After operating the gantry shearing machine, we can see that the shearing surface of the gantry shearing machine is larger than that of similar products. This means that the gantry shearing machine can cut large metal materials more quickly, so it is practical On the one hand, the gantry shear is very worthy of everyone's choice.

    NICKBALER has an experienced and strong production and sales team, focusing on the production and research and development of hydraulic machinery, and has won unanimous praise from customers. www.nickbaler.net
  • The horizontal waste paper baler must be properly maintained during use. Only by doing a good job in the maintenance of the horizontal waste paper baler can the packaging function of its mechanized equipment be fully utilized, so as to better ensure the horizontal waste  paper baler is safer and more efficient in production and processing.
    Nowadays, the horizontal waste paper baler has a relatively stable market, and more and more companies are using it. So how to do the maintenance and maintenance of the horizontal waste paper baler, the following is a brief introduction for everyone: 
    1. Should Implement regular monthly inspections of all parts of the equipment, including the transmission parts and oil cylinders. We need to conduct detailed inspections of the looseness of the screws or nuts in each part. 
    2. Regularly clean up the horizontal waste paper baler to clean up all the remaining waste paper materials. What needs to be paid attention to is to ensure the safety of humans and machines. When we clean up the waste paper baler, we must ensure The power supply is disconnected.

    3. Use a relatively clean rag for wiping, and regular attention should be paid to the lubrication and maintenance of the transmission system and the parts of the end seal bearing.

    NICKBALER waste paper baler button centralized control, can realize a variety of working methods, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable operation of the machine. Contact number 86-29-86031588
  • There are some unreasonable points in the actual operation of hydraulic baler in our country. 
    How to improve the manufacturing technology of hydraulic baler, achieve the development of 
    high-precision equipment, improve production efficiency, and increase revenue is an important 
    issue that people are concerned about.
    At present, we are making every effort to improve the manufacturing technology of hydraulic 
    to comply with market development requirements. The main development directions of 
    manufacturing technology of hydraulic balers are as follows:
    1. The level of equipment and equipment is continuously improved, the quality of processed 
    products is constantly improved, various advanced science and technology, reasonable design, 
    and high-quality raw materials are used for manufacturing, and automatic operation is 
    realized, which greatly reduces the workload, continuously improves safety, and reduces 
    accidents. Likely to happen.
    2. The operation assistance time is continuously reduced, and the design is more humane. After 
    the production automation operation is realized, the next problem to be solved is how to 
    reduce the operation assistance time, improve the production efficiency, and increase the 
    profit. The humanized design of the hydraulic baler is to reduce An important prerequisite for 
    operating auxiliary time.
    3. It is more targeted and continuously adapts to specialized production. In recent years, 
    hydraulic balers have continuously increased investment in increasing professional production. 
    The division of labor in the industry has become more refined, and the professionalism and 
    pertinence have been enhanced. This is important for improving the quality of hydraulic 
    balers. Played an important role, at the same time, this production method is also a huge leap 
    in the manufacturing technology of hydraulic baler.
    For different industries, hydraulic balers have different focuses in the production process, 
    which is conducive to enhancing the practicability and operability of the machine, and 

    improving production efficiency.

    NICKBALER keeps up with the market dynamics and makes timely improvements, so as to better 
    serve the new and old users and provide help for the development of the society. 
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