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Design of waste paper baler in Vietnam
Author : admin Time : 2023-11-10 AllPageView : 143
In the hot period of waste paper becoming more and more expensive and the recycling industry, how to effectively pack waste paper has become an urgent problem for us to solve. Mechanization and intelligence are no longer new words in today's society. All walks of life are updating and electing. With the emergence of smart payment, food delivery robots, and automated production equipment, it can be said that human hands are gradually being liberated. A baler that can greatly improve the efficiency of front-end recycling appears grandly. The design of this baler is also small and convenient. Next, Nick Machinery will take you to understand.
1. The baler is small and flexible, and easy to store. It is suitable for recycling stations, carton factories, small garment factories and other places. It perfectly solves the problem of low efficiency, high cost and unqualified packaging, and reduces the storage cost of enterprises.
2. It greatly improves the utilization rate of waste paper and plays an important role in the protection of the environment and the development of waste paper recycling and processing industry.

3. The baler is equipped with a small hydraulic station, which provides power, drives the cylinder to press down, extrudes the material, and is fully button controlled, safe and easy to operate!

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