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  • With the development of the economy, the advancement of the times, and the advancement of the science and technology of the straw hydraulic baler, the new packaging machinery has been able to surpass this requirement in various aspects, not only allowing people's hands to have more choices from the operation. Also, there have been improvements in functionality. Everything about this is inseparable from the security of the ring. The efficiency of waste paper recycling and waste paper will inevitably lead to further development in the future. It is said that the process of straw hydraulic packaging industry is developing very well. The waste paper baler is of high quality and good equipment coordination. It is now a relatively reliable baling machine on the market. Welcome all walks of life to come and inquire, and the process of development is coming.
        The straw hydraulic baler must learn to learn from each other in the competition, learn quickly, and develop innovatively. This way, the advantages of the straw hydraulic baler equipment can be further highlighted, and a certain social status can be maintained in the increasingly harsh living environment to achieve sustainable development. Our straw hydraulic baler equipment has been in the forefront of technological development for more than ten years. We have been firmly grasping the market development direction of waste paper balers, mastering market dynamics, designing more advanced packaging equipment, and sincerely welcome big guys to come. www.nkbaler.net
  • Nowadays, waste paper balers have become a good helper for people, bringing great convenience to people. But sometimes there are some minor faults, such as unstable production. What is going on? Shaanxi Nick waste paper baler manufacturers to analyze:
    1. The direct influencing factors of the production efficiency of the waste paper baler: the packaged model specifications, the different models of different sizes, and the different specifications directly determine the production efficiency of the baler. The production efficiency of a conventional waste paper baler is higher than that of a discharge gate with a device.
    2, the production of waste paper baler is also inseparable from the performance of the cylinder, the performance of the cylinder determines the stability of the waste paper baler. To ensure the production performance of the products, we must choose the exquisite manufacturer of the cylinder production process.
    3, the quality of the hydraulic oil selected by the waste paper baler, the quality of the hydraulic oil directly determines whether the cylinder can play a large utility, but also directly affects the failure rate and service life of the cylinder. To ensure the production of waste paper baler, we must use high quality and authentic No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil.
    4. The convenience, control performance and low failure rate of the waste paper baler control system also determine the package operation efficiency.
  • 1. Different structure: small horizontal waste paper baler, the horizontal drive of the push plate, horizontal out of the package, the vertical baler pusher up and down.
    2, the feeding method is different: the small horizontal baler feeding is more convenient than the vertical baler feeding, the horizontal packing machine has a large feeding port, the feeding is more random, the car is clamped, the manual feeding can be used, and the manual workload is greatly reduced.
    3, different operating modes, horizontal baler has automatic mode, can be equipped with remote control, the operation is more convenient.
    4, the outsourcing method is different, the packaged waste paper mass can realize a package pushing a package, which is convenient for centralized folder processing.
    Want to know more about waste paper baler, hydraulic waste paper baler, waste paper baler manufacturers, waste paper baler which good information, pay attention to Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.   www.nkbaler.com
  • The two-cylinder vertical waste paper baler is no stranger in China, so how to correctly use the two-cylinder vertical waste paper baler? Let's talk with you today.
    The double-cylinder vertical waste paper baler has good rigidity and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low investment cost of equipment foundation engineering. The double-cylinder vertical waste paper baler is widely used in various waste paper factories and old materials recycling companies. It is suitable for packaging and recycling old waste paper and plastic straw, which is to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity and save manpower. Good equipment to reduce transportation costs.
    1. This machine is suitable for: compression and packaging of loose materials such as waste paper and newspapers.
    2. This machine uses high-performance, low-noise hydraulic circuit system and adopts imported hydraulic components; the performance of the whole machine is stable and low vibration.
    3. Reasonable double scissor scissors design improves paper cutting efficiency and prolongs blade life.
    4, fast, simple wire-wound device, low failure rate for easy cleaning and maintenance.
    5, freely set the length of the package, accurately record the package value.
    6, easy to install, no special site infrastructure.
    The above is the use of the two-cylinder vertical waste paper baler, I hope to help everyone, more about the problem of the two-cylinder vertical waste paper baler, welcome information we provide services for you.
  • Things to pay attention to when operating hydraulic balers:
    1. The fuel tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil once every six months, but the first time the filter oil can not be washed for more than one month, the new oil used once is strictly filtered and allowed to be used again.
    2. The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank should be strictly used. High-quality anti-wear hydraulic oil should be strictly used. It must be strictly filtered, and should always maintain sufficient oil. If it is insufficient, it should be filled immediately.
    3. The lubricating parts of the machine should be filled with lubricating oil at least once per shift as required.
    4. The debris in the bin should be cleaned in time.
    5. Those who have not studied, do not understand the structure, performance and operating procedures of the machine must not start the machine without authorization.
    6. When the machine is seriously leaking or abnormal during work, stop running immediately to analyze the cause and eliminate the fault, and do not force the disease to run.
    7. During the operation of the machine, it is not allowed to repair or touch the moving parts. It is strictly forbidden to press the material in the bin by hand or foot.
    8. When adjusting the pump, valve and pressure gauge, it must be carried out by experienced technical workers. If it is found that the pressure gauge is faulty, it should be checked or updated immediately.
    9. Users should make detailed maintenance and safety procedures according to the specific situation.
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