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How to solve the problem of insufficient pasture silage?
Author : admin Time : 2020-08-27 AllPageView : 503
China has a vast territory.The south of the Yangtze River is mostly hilly and woodland.The lack of arable land has led to small-scale dairy farming in the south.However,there are also some large-scale dairy farms.A thousand-head pasture requires about 5,000 tons of silage per year.The cattle farm is 50,000 tons,and how to solve the silage on the spot is a serious proposition when the arable land resources are scarce.

Many large-scale cattle farms have insufficient silage,which is mainly supplemented by other straws,such as corn stalk yellow storage,soybean seedling storage,peanut seedling storage,bean pods,etc,and supplementation by local agricultural processing by-products,such as bagasse,tofu residue,and pear Dregs,apple pomace,beer pomace and other by-products.These substitutes are greatly affected by the season,and they are facing constant adjustments in formulas.In the south of the high temperature and humidity,the residue feed is particularly prone to mold and deterioration,and the safety of milk is also facing challenges.Some people say that raising prices,but this is not a long-term solution.

Regarding Southern Ranch’s solution to silage,silage is recommended.Milking cows are fed corn silage and wheat silage,and reserve cattle and dry cows are fed forage silage(emperor bamboo grass,pennisetum,sweet elephant grass,sweet sorghum,etc.),which can improve land use efficiency.
The corn stalk baler made by Nick Company can not only use pasture as raw material,but also use all kinds of straw as raw material for processing,bundling and coating, and can provide you with more varieties of silage.

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