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  • Whether the horizontal waste paper baler can operate normally should start from the initial installation of the baler. If the horizontal waste paper baler is installed without any installation, then the normal operation is carried out. The following is the horizontal baler should pay attention to during installation. What time is it:
    1. Construction and installation with reference to the foundation map. If the foundation and drawings are incorrect, adjustments should be made. In order to avoid the normal operation of the equipment after installation.
    2. After the installation of the mainframe, the level should be adjusted. The horizontality error is not more than 0.1mm/m. It can be adjusted by angle iron and iron plate. After adjusting the level, it is welded with angle iron, oblique iron and waste paper.
    3. The viewing platform and the loading port need to be tight and firm when installing. The welding port needs to be knocked out of the welding slag, smoothed and sprayed with anti-rust paint.
    4. Introduce electric wires and use plastic pipes to bury them or erect them at high altitude to prevent high voltage electric shock. And often check the safety of the circuit, found that damage and aging need to be replaced with time.
    5. Inject 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil (added to 80-90% of the tank volume), and often filter and replace the hydraulic oil as required.
    6. Indoor waste paper packaging machinery needs to pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation, outdoor installation needs to pay attention to moisture and rain.
  • The vertical waste paper baler has fine workmanship and good packaging effect. The characteristics of vertical waste paper baler: convenient material, simple structure, small floor space, beautiful appearance, hydraulic opening, high box, whole package once pressed, single The rope is worn on the surface, the pressure is large, the appearance is beautiful, and the installation is convenient.
    Uses: Mainly used in garment factories, garment and textile packaging stations for the compression and packaging of soft packs with packaging, but also for the compression and packaging of other kinds of soft materials.
      1. Mainly applicable to garment factories and waste recycling stations.
      2. Hydraulic configuration: The low-noise hydraulic circuit system combines imported and domestic high-quality components to ensure the quality and reduce the cost, and the performance of the whole machine is stable.
      3. Simple structure, low failure rate and simple and fast maintenance.
      4, easy to install, no need to strengthen the foundation.
      5, feeding mode: manual manual feeding.
          The above is the characteristics of the vertical waste paper baler. If you have any questions about the small waste paper baler and the vertical waste paper baler, please feel free to contact us.
  • In the "Internet +" era, consumers are no longer purely passive customer roles, and more and more consumers are turning into participants in corporate behavior. For example, in the waste paper baler industry, if customers use good results, they will have a good reputation and will drive the development of the company.
          As the concept of green recycling is increasingly accepted by consumers, green recycling is the main theme of future development. First, the recycling entity should promote green recycling through all possible carriers. For example, through traditional media such as radio and television, actively organize various forms of publicity activities, advocate green recycling, publicize typical cases, promote demonstration experience, and create a good atmosphere for the whole society to attach importance to, care for and support the recycling of waste paper; through WeChat, etc. Since the media advocates from now on, start from the side, pay attention to environmental protection, support the recycling of green waste paper, and properly handle the waste paper around. Second, encourage enterprises, institutions, schools and communities to actively carry out various forms of green recycling waste paper creative activities, foster green culture; carry out resource-saving volunteer service activities, actively create recycling-oriented communities; gradually adopt environmental recycling and green recycling concepts And the knowledge is included in the relevant courses of “Basic, Vocational, and Higher Education”; relevant majors are set up in higher education institutions and vocational schools, and a multi-level interdisciplinary personnel training system is constructed. Third, do a good job in training of recycling personnel, continuously improve the skills and service levels of the industry; use the training strength of party schools, administrative colleges and higher education institutions at all levels to strengthen the training of leading cadres, government and enterprise management personnel at all levels. The fourth is to promote the transition to intelligent, automated recycling.
         In recent years, with the rising of labor costs, the arrival of the "Internet +" era, the traditional "individual recycling of waste paper" can no longer meet the needs of the times, should actively build waste paper packaging stations to carry out the packaging and recycling of waste paper
  •  Nowadays, all walks of life are developing rapidly and will have more or less damage to the environment, which makes the environmental protection industry and the derivative industry more and more involved. There are more and more garbage generated, and how to deal with garbage has become a major obstacle. Therefore, there are garbage disposal equipment and garbage compression equipment.
        From industrial enterprises, to commercial catering, from social services, to health care, from electronic technology, to leisure and entertainment, etc., all of these enterprises produce garbage. Moreover, the production of these garbage has also caused great harm to people's living environment. In the past two years, the global temperature has been volatile and the natural disasters have been frequent. These phenomena have proved the harmfulness of these garbage to people's lives, kitchen waste, and daily life. Garbage, medical waste, etc. need to be properly handled in order to avoid harm to society. Only by disposing of these garbage will the virus spread and the garbage be flying. Therefore, a series of environmental protection equipment such as garbage compression equipment and garbage incinerators have been produced, which effectively prevent the harm of the garbage team environment. Reduced unnecessary trouble for people.
        This shows that environmentally friendly equipment is an indispensable device for today's society and the most critical part of a huge commercial chain. I also hope that the environmental protection industry can continue to help people improve their living environment.
  •     In recent years, the animal husbandry industry is developing rapidly, and the nutrient range after straw silage is very wide, which brings great convenience to animal husbandry. The green storage of straw feed through a straw baler is a good method for animal husbandry. Reasonably use the straw baler to extend the service life of the straw baler.
        Adjust the equipment straw baler should use the appropriate tools, pay special attention to strength. For example, if a tool with too small a strength is selected, the straw baler may not be properly adjusted, and if the tool is too hard, the straw baler itself may be damaged. Be sure to ensure that the screws are tightened and suitable for starting each time you start. For example, some need to pack waste paper. Straw balers often need to adjust the size of the package according to different needs. It is recommended to pay attention to the relevant adjustment knowledge before each adjustment.
       In normal operation, pay special attention to whether the straw baler is damaged, whether the random technical information is intact, and if problems are found, repair in time. In daily use, especially straw balers, more attention should be paid to keeping it clean. It is recommended that you wash at least once a week. After each cleaning, the cleaned lubricant should be injected into all parts of the baler.
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