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  • The development of intelligent straw hydraulic baler industry is more and more oriented towards the direction of automation and intelligentization. The intelligent straw hydraulic baler adopts hydraulic system for transmission, which has very obvious performance advantages!
    Next, let the technicians of Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. analyze the performance advantages of the hydraulic transmission straw hydraulic packaging for the majority of users!
    First, the hydraulic transmission power is stable and high pressure
    The hydraulic system of the small straw hydraulic baler can continuously and stably generate the driving force. The pressure is larger than the pneumatic transmission device, which can effectively realize the operation of low speed and large tonnage. It is a feature that other types of transmission do not have!
    Second, the structure is compact
    With the same power, the hydraulic system transmission is smaller and more compact, and has better performance than pneumatic transmissions!
    Third, good safety performance
    The safety protection work of the small waste paper baler using the hydraulic transmission device is relatively easy, and the safety threat coefficient is small during operation, which can ensure the personal safety of the users!
    Fourth, the hydraulic transmission noise is small
    The small straw hydraulic baler uses the hydraulic system transmission device to greatly reduce the noise. If the pneumatic transmission system is used, the system work will generate a large noise, especially when exhausting, the noise is even louder!
    Intelligent straw hydraulic baler will develop more advanced in the future, high pressure, low noise, long life, high efficiency, etc. Only by continuous improvement in technology, we can gain a foothold in the straw hydraulic baler industry!
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  • Waste paper balers usually refer to a packaging operation in which single or several packs are tied tightly together with ropes, steel strips, and plastic strips for transportation, storage, and handling. The development of waste paper packers was very rapid. In the early 1960s, with the advent of polypropylene materials, polypropylene tape was successfully developed abroad. In many fields, especially light industry... Randomly adjusted balers improve the adaptability of automatic balers in terms of bandwidth, bale specifications, workbench height, and strapping capabilities.
    China's waste paper packers began to develop in the mid-1980s. They were initially promoted in books and newspapers and periodicals distribution departments. In recent years, they have been developing rapidly. They have been widely used in light industry, food, foreign trade, department stores, printing, medicine, and chemical industry. Posts and telecommunications, textile and other industries.
    At present, some manufacturers of waste paper packers adopt the international standards and absorb the advanced technical characteristics of foreign countries. They have greatly improved the level of standards, design and manufacturing technologies and product quality, such as the automatic waste of our Shaanxi Nick Company. Paper balers can reach the advanced level of similar foreign equipments in quality and can be automatically positioned, strapped and indexed to carry out cross-type and well-type pattern strapping. With microcomputer control, the unmanned automatic strapping production line has been realized. The future development trend of waste paper packers extends to full automation, advanced and diversified.
    The development trend of waste paper packers mainly includes the development of balers for various applications such as compression balers; the development of heavy-duty belts and polyester belts that replace steel belts; and the development of foam belts and flexible belts suitable for table packers. Wait. To increase the degree of automation of the single machine, after the package is fed from the conveyor, the baler can be automatically positioned, strapped, indexed, and tied with cross-shaped, square-shaped patterns, etc., and the unmanned automatic strapping line can be controlled by microcomputer control.
  • As you know, with the fast development of Agricultural , industrial and other business all over the world , More and more waste paper , waste plastic and waste metal are produced with large quantity .At this time , recycling these wastes come to be a trend . So all kinds of balers are following close on another. Now let us have knowledge of what a baler is.

    A baler is a piece of farm or industrial machinery which is used to compress a cut and raked crop (such as hay, straw, or silage) into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport and store. Several different types of balers are commonly used, each producing a different type of bales – rectangular or cylindrical, of various sizes, bound with twine, netting, or wire. Industrial balers are also used in material recycling facilities, primarily for baling metal, plastic, or waste paper for transport.

    Now all kinds of balers such as waste paper balers, used clothes balers, waste plastic balers, dedicated tire balers, dedicated block-making balers, and hydraulic metal baler are widely produced with first-class quality by so many businesses. If you are interested in or in badly need of balers, you can write email to me : sales@nkbaler.com   

    Or you can call me :86-15021631102  . Here you can get you what you want, and Nick company can meet all requirements you come up with . 

  • With the use of waste paper hydraulic balers more and more enterprises, waste paper hydraulic baler operation norms have become more and more people concerned about the problem. This is related to the safety of the enterprise and the workers themselves

    1, the use of waste paper baler before the operation should be strictly in accordance with the company system to wear uniforms, fasten the cuffs, buckle a good button, control waste paper baler to bring the clothes into the machine caused by the accident.

    2, the packer operator should be in the job before the training, familiar with the waste paper baler of the various parts of the structure, performance and use methods!

    3, packer before the operation, should clean up the site health, and clear automatic paper baler equipment on the oil and debris and so on.

    4, baler in the maintenance and maintenance of the time should be carried out in the case of power failure, and prohibit the collision start button and handle!

    5, before the use of balers, air idle inspection work to check whether there is noise, tank level is sufficient, whether the loose parts of the phenomenon!

    6, balers in the work is strictly prohibited limbs into the work of the device parts, so as not to cause harm to the human body!

    7, is strictly prohibited free demolition of all parts of the baler parts, if the equipment failure should be timely contact with professional maintenance personnel to remove the fault!
  • Shaanxi Nick Machinery Co., Ltd horizontal hydraulic semi-automatic paper balers There are many different types, each type of waste paper packer in use is not the same under a variety of needs can be custom painted different. In order for us to have a more comprehensive knowledge, Shaanxi Nick Machinery Co., Ltd. today were definitely clarified to 120 semi-automatic paper balers, including 120 horizontal hydraulic waste paper packer layout composition, the use of objective and relevant offer range.

    120 ton paper packer from the article attributed to planning for small and medium-scale horizontal waste paper balers, which can be used in the planning of waste packaging intermediate station, but also for primary waste packaging needs station. This model can be very sensitive use, such as host operating alone can end some of the waste cardboard, and other waste materials produced cardboard boxes and the like occur. In the case of packaged constrained spaces, can be made of 120 underground waste paper baler can also be packaged recovered plastic bottles, cans, etc., can be described as a multi-use commodities, to bring greater purchase Business.

    Just set up many of the current paper packaging station will pick 120 horizontal hydraulic waste paper packer, as 120 horizontal hydraulic waste paper packer offer relatively low, will not cause major economic pressure on investors, economic a practical model.

    We buy waste paper packer equipment, the need for manufacturers to consider elements includes three aspects: the quality of after-sales service aspects of waste paper baler, waste paper balers and paper balers offer. This three are indispensable, quality, service support, we offer affect the scale of investment. Shaanxi Nick baler manufacturers, process monitoring implementation in three areas. Achieve quality standards factory, paper balers offer reasonably achievable collaboration, can go to any one company may offer users were consulted, service ensured. No doubt there is no equipment, if not timely service. Shaanxi Nick specially set up after-sales service troops, that is the question the intention of the fastest and most timely treatment, reduction of waste paper packer loss problems associated with downtime.

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