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  • When the hydraulic baler is working, the hydraulic baler fails, what are the common faults and maintenance methods of the motor? The normal operation of the hydraulic baler motor and pump is due to the abnormal noise of the motor: the hydraulic baler, the silage corn hydraulic baler motor bearing damage; the motor is not synchronized.
      The reason why the hydraulic baler cannot be started is: the power is not turned on; the fuse is blown; the overload protection action; the wiring of the control device is wrong. The reason why the hydraulic baler motor vibrates strongly is that the motor is inconsistent with the mechanical center of the drive; the coupling fails; the unit loses balance, the foundation is not strong, and the rotor is set to contact the broom: the free warranty period of the hydraulic baler is 1 year. Hydraulic baler, silage corn hydraulic baler Master the common faults of the hydraulic baler motor, check the repair method, and ensure the normal use of the baler equipment is very important.
      The large allowable pressure of the hydraulic baler under conditions of rated pressure, according to the test standard, the large pressure value of the hydraulic pump that allows the hydraulic baler to operate briefly is called the large allowable pressure. For each rotation of the hydraulic pump, the volume of the discharged liquid calculated by the change of the sealed volume of the hydraulic baler is called the displacement of the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic pump with the adjustable displacement is called the variable pump; the hydraulic pump with the constant displacement It is called a metering pump.

      Hydraulic Baler Working Pressure The output pressure of the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic baler is actually called the working pressure. Regardless of the flow rate of the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic baler, the working pressure of the silage corn hydraulic baler depends on the size of the external load and the pressure loss on the discharge line. The rated pressure of the waste paper is based on the test standard. The hydraulic pump of the hydraulic baler is called the rated pressure of the hydraulic pump under normal working conditions.as more information ,please visit us : www.nkbaler.com  or www.nickbaler.com

  • For the hydraulic baler industry, only through competition in the market can it be continuously transformed, and thus it will be able to develop rapidly and indiscriminately in the future market. The market competition can make the hydraulic baler continuously improve and improve, which will make a whole qualitative change. This will greatly promote the production efficiency and packaging quality of the enterprise, and make the appearance of the product more beautiful. Their sales in the market are rising.
    In the face of the ever-evolving market, the development of hydraulic balers requires continuous learning and absorption of more experience in order to develop packaging equipment with more characteristics, high quality and high efficiency. Only in this way can it follow the development of the times. The trend has changed the market and the development of our hydraulic baler products.
    We all know that the development of today's market economy needs to be promoted by competition. This kind of promotion is also to help the better development of today's society. Only by constantly adapting to the development of the market economy will enterprises achieve good development and improvement. In the market of hydraulic balers, through continuous development to enhance its own quality problems, it will be able to make it in a favorable position in the market competition. Hydraulic baler, silage corn hydraulic baler
    The overall technology of hydraulic packaging machinery in China is still not perfect, but the market demand for hydraulic packaging machinery in China is very large, which greatly promotes the development of the hydraulic baler industry, and also promotes the continuous self-innovation of production enterprises, greatly changing the backwardness. Business philosophy. Therefore, the future development prospect of China's hydraulic baler industry is very optimistic, China's hydraulic baler industry will stand in the forefront of the world packaging industry in the near future. Hydraulic baler, silage corn hydraulic baler
    1. Do not open the back cover of the hydraulic baler touch screen.
       2. Do not place magnetic objects such as magnets and motors close to the touch screen.
       3. It is strictly forbidden to touch the surface of the control panel with hard objects.
       4. It is forbidden to splash the liquid on the touch screen.
       5. Turn off the power before installing, removing, and cleaning the hydraulic baler touch screen.
       6. Regularly check the ventilation holes on the back cover of the hydraulic baler touch screen to keep the ventilation holes open.
  • The benefits of silage corn stalk balers can increase the income of farmers and benefit the country and the people.

    First, Silage corn straw baler helps to reduce environmental pollution and protect the ecological environment. The thick smoke formed by the burning of crop straws will release carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, which will cause environmental pollution, affect air quality and damage the health of the people. Increasing the comprehensive utilization of crop straw can improve the comprehensive utilization rate of straw, effectively reduce straw burning, prevent straw from polluting water sources, and protect the ecological environment.

    Second, Silage corn straw baler will help to increase the value of straw utilization and develop a circular economy. Crop straw is an important biomass resource. It is widely used as a substitute for coal, electricity, oil, gas and other energy sources. It can also be used as feedstock, fertilizer, edible fungus base, and as an industrial raw material. Strengthening the comprehensive utilization of straw can reduce the consumption of other resources, promote the sustainable use of resources, and promote the development of circular economy.

    Third, Silage corn straw baler will help improve the arable land and enhance the comprehensive agricultural production capacity. Straw returning has the functions of increasing fertilizer, changing soil and protecting soil, which can increase soil organic matter and degrade pesticides and heavy metals in soil. Studies have shown that a certain amount of straw per mu of cultivated land can not only increase grain yield, but also significantly improve soil physical and chemical properties and improve soil fertility.

    Fourth, Silage corn straw baler will help improve agricultural efficiency and increase farmers' income.
  • According to our current environmental awareness, waste paper and living bags in our lives can be reused in the straw balers we developed and are increasingly accepted by everyone. Domestic garbage paper straw baler has been constantly innovating, but some people do not know its safe operation, the safety operation rules of waste paper hydraulic baler must know!
    1. The oil supply pressure of the vertical straw baler oil pump does not meet the flow demand. In order to prevent the occurrence of oil leakage time, it is necessary to strictly inspect and test before work.

    2. If the overflow valve is deformed in the vertical waste paper baler, it will seriously affect the main spool plugging. The main spool is blocked at the small opening, which will cause some pressure oil from the baling oil pump to overflow into the tank. The flow of oil into the actuator in the straw baler is greatly reduced, slowing down the rate of oil feed.

    3, internal and external drainage are relatively serious, in the rapid work, it is easy to cause the oil pressure is too low, but much higher pressure than the return oil circuit, when the piston seal of the baler cylinder is broken, the baler cylinder is easy on both sides The accident that caused excessive internal leakage caused the rapid movement speed of the horizontal baler cylinder to be insufficient, and other parts were also prone to oil leakage.

    4. The guide rail is lubricated and oil is cut off. The installation accuracy and assembly precision of the inner cylinder of the vertical waste paper baler are a series of reasons, which may cause the frictional resistance of the baler to increase during operation.

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  • Straw baler requirements for raw materials:

    1. The straw baler chain selects high quality and extends the service life of the conveyor belt platform.
    2, hydraulic cylinders, piston pumps and control system accessories, try to choose the type of large factory specifications, so as not to cause trouble. Straw baler
    3. Regarding the choice of channel steel, since the straw baler is mostly welded by channel steel, it is necessary to pay attention to this production process in the manufacturing process.
    4, the motor should use copper core motor, most of the baler products are now mainly three-phase electricity, so the motor can be considered as its power supply, the requirements of raw materials can also add machine functions, reduce production troubles.
    5, the core hydraulic components to ensure quality.

    The role of the straw baler accumulator:

    1. The accumulator of the straw baler can supply a large amount of oil, and the accumulator can store excess pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump. The function of the accumulator is released by the accumulator when required by the straw baler system.
    This can reduce the rated flow of the hydraulic pump, thereby reducing the power consumption of the motor and reducing the temperature rise of the hydraulic system.
    2. Maintain the pressure of the straw baler system in the hydraulic system of the straw baler. When the hydraulic pump stops the oil supply, the accumulator can supply the pressure oil to the system, compensate the system for leakage or fill the emergency energy, and make the straw baler system for a period of time. The internal pressure is maintained to prevent the oil source formed by the power failure or system fault from being suddenly entrapped and damaging the machine.
    The straw baler accumulator also has the function of absorbing hydraulic shock and pressure pulsation. The accumulator is installed at the outlet of the hydraulic pump to absorb the pulsating pressure of the hydraulic pump of the straw baler.
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