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  • How to extend the life of the waste paper baler, first of all, our problem is to ensure that the waste paper baler does not have any malfunction, which requires our users to pay attention to the maintenance of the waste paper baler during use, then the following To introduce the specific measures for maintaining the waste paper baler:
    1. Establish standardized maintenance and management of mechanical equipment. First, enterprises should establish a series of rules and regulations for the maintenance and management of mechanical equipment. Because the rules and regulations of benign operation can provide scientific guidance for enterprise production, the enterprise itself can Establish and improve a complete set of rules and regulations based on actual business and development, and give mechanical science the goal of maximizing. Second, on the basis of improving the rules and regulations, the company must also strengthen the establishment of machinery files, because the daily maintenance of the baler is very important.
    2. Improve the ability and quality of the waste paper baler operator, as well as the manager, operator and technician of the mechanical equipment to enhance their own operational ability and knowledge of the waste paper baler. For the maintenance of mechanical equipment, they should prevent the possible failure of the mechanical equipment before the repair. The role of this preventive action is to timely develop and treat the abnormal operation of the mechanical equipment. In the maintenance process of mechanical equipment, the maintenance personnel must always follow the maintenance plan. For the routine inspection and maintenance of mechanical equipment, the mechanical equipment must be repaired and maintained regularly according to the requirements of ultra-high standards, and it should be done regularly. Check the report and archive it.
    3, should be scientific and effective use of mechanical equipment, but also can achieve the purpose of optimal allocation of mechanical equipment resources. By doing the above, your waste paper baler will last a long time to reduce the number of malfunctions during use.
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  • Automatic waste paper baler is mainly used for waste paper, plastic, iron filings, cotton, wool, waste paper, waste paper cartons, waste paperboard, yarn, plastic, cloth, woven bags, knitted velvet, hemp, sack, Compressed packaging of bulk materials such as wool, paper, balsam, hops, wheat, grass, garbage, etc., which reduces the volume, facilitates packaging, transportation and reduces storage space. It has the characteristics of compact structure, firm and firm, economical and practical, easy to operate, safe and reliable, and is an ideal equipment for material packaging, waste recycling and so on. The packaging of forages is also suitable for the rapid packaging of various soft materials. It can be moved without electricity and is used for all light foam and loose material packaging. Can be applied to cotton, wool, waste paper, waste paper box, waste paperboard, yarn, plastic, cloth, woven bag, knitted velvet, hemp, sack, top, hair ball, enamel, silk, hop, wheat, grass , waste plastic bags and other light foam, loose materials. The bag type is compact, neat and tidy, and can reduce the transportation cost by a large margin. It is a cotton producing area, a textile enterprise, a supermarket, a garment factory, a waste material recycling industry and various other light industries. Rice straw baler use: This machine is often used for fuel corn stover in biomass power plants.
    The baler adopts hydraulic transmission, horizontal bagging machine, high output, low failure rate of this equipment, stable operation, and low moisture content of the equipment in other manufacturers.
    1. All models are hydraulically driven, with manual operation or PLC automatic control.
    2, out of the package has a turn over, side push bag, manual picking and so on.
    3, a variety of models are available: different pressure, bin size, block size and shape.
    4, no power supply, can be equipped with diesel engine for power.
    The pump station is equipped with a pressure gauge, which shows that the pressure during operation is more intuitive. The oil tank is equipped with an oil level display table, which can visually display the change of oil quantity. It has an electric heater function (optional) to prevent hydraulic oil from starting during winter. Thick and damaged pump; the tank volume is large enough to dissipate heat during operation, in case the oil temperature in summer is too high, the oil pressure is reduced or the seal is damaged.
    The hydraulic baler includes a bracket, the bracket has a bottom plate and front and rear side baffles, the jack is mounted on the bracket, the jack has a piston rod, and the effect of the waste paper baler is low. The environmental protection province has a vertical pusher connected to the right end of the piston rod. Plate, the right side of the pusher plate is connected with a pusher slat, the gap between adjacent pusher slats is a plated rope groove; the upper part of the support has a pressure upper baffle, and the upper baffle is pressed The side bracket has a feeding port on the upper side; the front and rear side baffles are fixedly connected to the brackets on the right side of the front and rear side baffles, and the gap between the adjacent side baffles is a stringing hole; the right end of the bracket has a discharge port. A door panel is hinged at a right end of the bracket at the outlet, and a door panel is connected to the left side of the door panel, and a gap between adjacent door panels is a rope groove on the door; a front and rear side fence, a pusher plate and a cavity surrounded by the bottom plate For the feeding cavity, the cavity surrounded by the front and rear side bars, the baffle upper baffle, the door panel and the bottom plate is a squeeze cavity; the right end of the door plate and the bracket are fixedly connected with a locking device. The size of the package can be adjusted within a certain range as needed.

    The hydraulic waste paper baler is an automatic waste paper baler that is used to extrude waste paper and similar products under normal conditions and packaged with special packaging tape, so that the volume of waste paper, paper, garbage and the like is greatly reduced. In order to reduce the transportation volume, save freight, and increase the efficiency for the enterprise. Can be interchanged. Feeding sleeve, waste paper baler manufacturer rice straw baler use: Each set corresponds to the same one, each set includes the baling line conveying device and the packing line anti-tensioning device. The main rail seat of the waste paper hydraulic baler is mainly composed of two wear-resistant rails on the surface. The presser wheel is guided to run along the outside of the two rails, and the hydraulic cylinder that pushes the press frame is disposed therein. In addition, there is a complete hydraulic station in addition to the mechanical components. As can be seen from the above description, the various movements of the waste paper hydraulic baler are completed by the fluid power. The waste paper baler is used to extrude waste paper and the like products under normal conditions, and is packaged and formed by a common packaging tape to greatly reduce the volume thereof.

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  • The recycling of resources is our topic. The recycling waste paper industry has developed rapidly. With the integration of the waste paper baler industry, manufacturers have produced more waste paper hydraulic balers that can serve the public. Machines, etc., demand for waste paper baler prices Now domestic waste paper hydraulic balers have a great technical upgrade, and many waste collection stations have used automatic waste paper hydraulic balers, the market demand changes, the more More and more companies have begun to adjust their positioning and seek new directions. At the same time, many powerful companies have launched their own brands. With the improvement of residents' living standards and income, waste paper hydraulic balers have been widely used in China in recent years.
    The waste paper baler is used to extrude waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and the volume thereof is greatly reduced, so as to reduce the transportation volume, plastic products and have a certain amount of purchase. Save freight and increase the efficiency of the company. As a representative equipment in the machinery industry, hydraulic balers play a key role in the development of many industries. For the development of hydraulic balers in China, although the overall technical level of the hydraulic baler industry has been improved after a period of efforts, and according to different market demands, the team of hydraulic balers has been further expanded to provide more comprehensive market users. Awesome services.
    Although the hydraulic baler has unique advantages in many packaging equipment, it has a wide application space in the market, but these do not mean that it is perfect. In the ever-changing market, users also need hydraulic balers. It will continue to change, so in order to stabilize its market position and maintain a good development state for a long time, hydraulic packaging opportunities continue to maintain the development attitude of technological innovation, and use high-tech power to improve and perfect, thus more catering to market development trends, more prepared popular.
    Shaanxi Nick has won the favor of customers with its superb technology, and has won the recognition of users according to the services of different markets. We will continue to serve the society, serve the customers, and serve the people at all times.
  • With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the automatic waste paper baler plays a big role. It can reuse some waste paper and is more and more accepted by everyone. The domestic automatic waste paper baler has been In constant innovation, we are constantly following the development of some foreign technologies. In the use of fully automatic waste paper balers, moisture should be prevented from entering, so as not to affect the normal use of the waste paper baler, resulting in reduced performance of the machine. The term "moisture" as used herein refers to the influence of cooling water, water vapor or moisture from the surroundings.
    There are certain reasons to prevent the ingress of moisture:
     (1) Water corrodes the metal in the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler, shortens the service life of the components, and the pound-etched particles fall into the system, causing wear.
     (2) Accelerate oil deterioration, especially in the presence of particles such as iron, copper, manganese, etc., water and atmospheric oxygen rapidly oxidize the oil to form a viscous polymer, commonly known as sludge. When the use temperature exceeds 65 degrees, the oxidation rate is increased, and for every 10 degrees increase, the oxidation is multiplied.

     (3) The lubricity of the waste paper baler is reduced.

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  • The waste paper baler pressure oil flows directly back to the tank through the overflow valve and the return line, and the oil pressure does not continue to rise. Therefore, the relief valve acts at the same time to provide overload protection to the system. Waste paper baler hydraulic pump The oil sucked from the fuel tank is filtered through the oil filter to remove impurities and dirt to protect the valves in the system from being blocked. Most of the power of the waste paper baler is provided by hydraulic pumps, so the standard for hydraulic pump pressure is strict.
    The pressure oil outputted by the waste paper baler hydraulic pump enters the lower chamber of the hydraulic cylinder along the pipeline through the throttle valve and the left ring groove of the reversing valve spool. Under the action of the pressure oil of the waste paper baler, the piston moves upwards, and the pushing mechanism realizes the lifting action. At this time, the oil discharged from the upper chamber of the hydraulic cylinder flows back to the tank through the ring groove and the pipe on the right side of the valve of the reversing valve. The speed of movement of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled by a throttle valve. The pressure oil output from the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler is divided into two paths after flowing through the check valve, one through the throttle valve to the hydraulic cylinder, and the other through the overflow valve to the oil tank. The throttle valve, like a faucet, twists the valve core and changes its opening size to change the flow of oil through the throttle valve into the hydraulic cylinder to control the lift rate. The output of the hydraulic cylinder is controlled by a relief valve. By adjusting the pressing force of the spring in the relief valve, the pressure of the hydraulic pump output oil of the waste paper baler can be controlled.

    The pressure determines the carrying capacity of the waste paper baler. When the lifted external load exceeds the load capacity set by the relief valve, the oil pressure reaches the pressure of the hydraulic pump, and the hydraulic force acting on the steel ball pushes the steel ball apart.

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