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Possible questions about waste paper Baling Machine
Author : admin Time : 2020-09-10 AllPageView : 462
And has encountered various questions about waste paper Baling Machines raised . 
So Nick Machinery summarized a few points from it to help everyone.
First:Does the waste paper packer only pack waste paper?This is not the case.The waste paper Baling Machine can compress and pack any scrap,scrap,and straw.The machine has advanced technology and excellent workmanship,and can pack loose materials such as waste paper and carton fibers.Strong practicability and wide application range.

Second:There is no fixed model,you can customize it according to your own requirements.First,the waste paper Baling Machine is designed and produced according to each manufacturer's different concepts,so the model is not the same.Second,it can be customized according to customer needs,but according to needs Pressure and processing capacity can be determined by design.

Third:Like other mechanical equipment,this machine also requires routine maintenance.It is actually very simple.It is to pay attention to regular replacement of hydraulic oil to ensure that the oil path is unblocked,and observe whether there are abnormal changes during the production process.If any,it should be dealt with in time.Maintain the good performance of the machine.
Nick brand small waste paper Baling Machine has good rigidity,toughness and stability,beautiful appearance,convenient operation and maintenance,safety and energy saving,and low investment cost of equipment basic engineering. 
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