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Preparation before installation of waste paper packer
Author : admin Time : 2020-09-10 AllPageView : 395
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The waste paper Baling Machine can be installed according to the Nickel Product Installation Manual,but before this,the customer should also make the following preparations:
1.According to the selected horizontal waste paper Baling Machine model,the manufacturer will give the corresponding foundation construction drawings.In addition,when the horizontal waste paper Baling Machine adopts different installation methods,the foundation that should be built is also different.
According to the foundation drawings,arrange the site reasonably.Generally,there are three planning considerations for the site.
 1.The installation position of the waste paper Baling Machine;
 2.The storage location of waste paper before packing;

 3.Set up safety cables in the storage area where waste paper is packed.

2.Installation of horizontal waste paper Baling Machine:that is,the host and conveyor are assembled.This process requires cranes.Reinforce the two,program debugging,equipment test and so on.
3.Be familiar with the functions of the buttons on the operation panel of the distribution cabinet before use. The packaging of the horizontal waste paper Baling Machine is a cyclic process.After each use,the motor,hydraulic cylinder and other parts are covered to prevent dust or rain from entering.
Nick Machinery's waste paper Baling Machines continue to work hard to innovate and develop to create more products that are convenient and quick to operate and work more efficiently.
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