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Safety matters of Nick Machinery Popular Science Baling Press
Author : admin Time : 2021-06-16 AllPageView : 309
In this era when the baler is widely used, we must operate and use the baler reasonably to avoid working failures. Then in the process of using the baler, what issues need to be paid attention to, let’s take a look at the use of the baler for everyone. matter.
1. The most important thing is, of course, personal safety. The baler is a kind of industrial machinery and equipment. In the process of using many large desktop balers, we must pay attention to the use of specifications. After the baler is powered on and enters the working process of baling and bundling, the operator must be careful not to reach into the machine to avoid accidents. The baler is a metal mechanical equipment with a hard texture. The mechanical parts are running fast during the strapping process, and the current technology is unable to distinguish the difference between the human body and the goods. In many cases, it is because the operator does not operate correctly in accordance with the operating specifications. This may cause personal injury. In the same way, after a long period of use, the equipment will inevitably experience aging and damage. At this time, it is necessary for the staff to perform regular repairs and maintenance. It should be noted here that when working, the staff must disconnect the power supply in advance, and then carry out standardized maintenance according to the maintenance rules. The correct use of the baler can not only ensure our personal safety, but also ensure that the work process can be carried out quickly and without obstacles.
2. The baler is an industrial metal strapping machinery and equipment, of course, it also has the characteristics of metal-easy to rust, the cause of rust is metal oxidation. So here is a reminder to everyone. The placement environment of the baler must be dry and not placed in a humid environment to avoid accelerating the rust and aging of the baler equipment. Moreover, the baler is also a kind of electrical equipment. If the environment is excessive Moisture can also easily lead to failures such as electrical connection of the motor. Therefore, for our personal safety and to improve the service life of the baler, do not place and use the baler in a humid environment.
3. The safety of the power supply of the baler is a commonplace issue, and we must treat it with caution. When installing the baler equipment, you must first understand the number of phases of the equipment power supply. If it is a three-phase power supply equipment, make sure that the power cord is grounded during installation to avoid electrostatic failure. Before using the equipment, pay attention to check whether the mechanical equipment can be turned on normally, and remember to cut off the power after use to avoid accidents.
4. Do not operate the baler in a severely dusty environment. This problem is not only the existence of the baler, but almost all electrical equipment will have this requirement. Everyone knows that the dust itself is charged. When the dust deposits around the equipment, it will cause a short circuit of the equipment. When the dust accumulates between the front ends of the equipment switch, it will also cause poor contact of the switch. Remind customers that if the baler equipment appears up and down, the first thing to check is whether the switch has poor contact due to dust accumulation. And if the dust accumulates too much, it will affect the heat dissipation of the equipment's motor, causing the equipment's motor to overheat and reduce the carrying capacity of the equipment.
5. The cleaning and maintenance of the packing machine. For the production enterprise, the packing machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that is used very frequently. During frequent use, attention should be paid to the regular maintenance and cleaning of the equipment to avoid the impact of unsmooth operation. The process of arriving at the factory, so that the gain is not worth the loss. Just like if you raise a horse and you want it to work, you must feed it regularly. The machinery and equipment are the same. If you want the equipment to work normally and smoothly, then regularly The maintenance and cleaning of the equipment is inevitable, and the manufacturers who use the equipment should be warned to put this matter into the process as soon as possible to extend the service life of the equipment and reduce the cost of repairing and replacing the equipment.

Here, Nick Machinery advises you that the standardized and safe use of baler equipment is something that every manufacturer must implement. Only standardized operations can ensure the efficient and rapid production process and create greater value for the enterprise

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