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Three types of protective devices that should be installed on the metal Baler machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-06-15 AllPageView : 310
Safety protection devices should be installed in the metal Baler machine. There are usually three forms of installing protection devices:
1. Safety start device form: When the operator's limbs enter the dangerous area, the clutch in the metal Baler machine will not close or the slider cannot be lowered. Only when the operator completely exits the dangerous area, the hydraulic machine can perform these actions.
2. The form of mechanical protection device: When the slider moves down, the dangerous area is separated from the operator's hand to ensure safe production.
3. Automatic protection device: Set up light beams, air currents and electric fields around the dangerous area of the machine. Once the operator's limbs enter the dangerous area, the metal Baler machine will automatically stop working through the control of light, electricity and gas to protect the operator Security.

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