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  • With the gradual improvement of my country's environmental protection awareness, people also have an understanding of waste paper hydraulic balers. Nick waste paper balers are divided into automatic waste paper balers and semi-automatic
    waste paper balers according to their functions. Today we will talk about automatic balers. They are widely used in various waste paper factories and old waste recycling. Companies and other companies are suitable for packaging and 
    recycling old waste paper, plastic straws, etc. Next, let us understand the characteristics and principles of the waste paper hydraulic baler.
    1. The photoelectric switch automatically detects whether the material is full and realizes the fully automatic function.
    2. Fully automatic compression and unmanned operation, where there are many quad-core materials, after the items are compressed and bundled, it is easy to store and stack and reduce transportation costs.
    3. Simple structure, stable action, low failure rate and easy to clean and maintain.
    4. The length of the package can be set freely, and the package value can be accurately recorded, which is convenient for the operator.
    5. International standard circuit layout, graphical operation instructions and detailed component markings make it easy for operators to understand and improve maintenance efficiency.

    Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research, development and manufacturing of waste paper balers, hydraulic balers, plastic bottle balers, straw balers, and metal briquetting machines for many years, and has perfect after-sales service. We are willing to seek common development and create the future together with colleagues from all walks of life! Warmly welcome new and old friends at home and abroad to call 86-29-86031588 or log in to our website www.nkbaler.com
  • Advantages of Nick Machinery Baler: The straw balers are also called horizontal balers. The Nick Mechanical straw balers use PUC computers to control automatic feeding and discharging.

    It is mainly suitable for compressed packaging of loose materials, reducing the volume to facilitate packaging, transportation and reducing storage space; packaging objects include wheat straw, corn straw, soybean straw, straw and other agricultural product straws. It has the characteristics of tight structure, strong and firm; economical and practical, easy to operate, safe and reliable, etc., suitable for large-scale breeding farms, straw recycling companies and feed production enterprises.

    The following aspects must be paid attention to in daily use of horizontal straw baler:
    1. High-quality anti-wear hydraulic oil (such as HM68 hydraulic oil) should be strictly used in the hydraulic system of the horizontal straw baler. The amount of hydraulic oil should be checked frequently, and the filter screen should be checked frequently to avoid network blockage;
    2. The oil tank of the horizontal straw baler should be cleaned regularly and replaced with new oil to ensure the stability of the hydraulic system.
    3. All parts of the horizontal straw baler that need to be lubricated should be filled with lubricating oil every day as required.
    4. The electrical box circuit of the horizontal straw baler is regularly inspected to ensure the normal operation of the electrical appliances; the operator should first undergo pre-job training before starting the job. Without learning, do not understand the structure and performance of the straw baler. It is forbidden to operate without authorization. !for more ifnormation ,please visit us :www.nkbaler.com
  • Waste paper baler manufacturers introduce the characteristics of waste paper baler: With the continuous advancement of waste paper baler technology, waste paper baler has undergone profound changes, and some technological problems that restrict waste paper baler have been solved.
    The advantages of waste paper baler are becoming more and more obvious, and it also adds more benefits to enterprises and companies. So what are the specific characteristics of waste paper baler? Let's follow Shaanxi Nick to take a look.
    1. Integrated circuit design:
    With a new circuit design, the waste paper baler adopts a plug-in circuit board to control the entire baling action and the temperature of the ironing head. The replacement of the circuit board is quite convenient and the baler service is convenient.
    2. Instant heating and immediate packaging:
    Innovative high-speed hot-melt system design can make the hot film work within 5 seconds, making the PET baler enter the best packaging state.

    3. Automatic shutdown device, power saving and practical: when the bundling action is completed and no more operation within 60 seconds, the packer has a compact structure design, the motor will automatically stop and enter the standby state.

    4. New type of brake design: The brake of the strapping machine adopts a special spring design to ensure smooth and no noise in the strap. The price of the strapping machine is reasonable.
    In addition to the above properties, the waste paper baler also has good rigidity and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving, and low investment in equipment basic engineering.
    It is widely used in all kinds of waste paper factories, waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for the packaging and recycling of waste paper, plastic straw, etc. It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.
    The above are the methods that Shaanxi Nick introduced how to improve the adhesion of the hydraulic baler. In fact, there are many problems in our lives that can be solved by ourselves. Not all of them need to be repaired by specialized maintenance personnel.
  • 1. Adopt rapid pressurization technology to realize rapid pressurization and improve the working efficiency of oil pressure system.
    2. Improve the footprint of the waste paper baler to achieve the smallest possible footprint and the largest possible compression force.

    3. Reduce the internal pressure damage of the component system of the waste paper baler and reduce the power loss. Mainly to improve the pressure loss of the internal flow channel, it is necessary to use high-quality hydraulic components and integrated circuits and the casting of the flow channel to reduce the pressure loss of the pipeline and also reduce the oil leakage. To improve waste paper packaging, especially to ensure the cleanliness of hydraulic oil, prevent dirt from affecting the life and reliability of the hydraulic system, and the method of machine efficiency, and timely disposal and adjustment to avoid loss.

  • In the development of waste paper baler in recent years, it can promote itself in many ways. It is widely used in light industry, food, foreign trade, and how to solve the problems? General merchandise, printing, waste paper balers cannot be delivered to the pharmaceutical, post and telecommunications, textile and other industries, and can meet the needs of the public.
    However, when using the waste paper baler, the belt is offset, so how do we need to check it?

    Related to the quality of the belt, we must ensure the straightness, hardness and deflection of the belt. It is related to the friction and resistance where the belt passes.

    If the design of the belt bin of the waste paper baler is too small, the strap will be entrained in the bin. If the fixing screws of the belt track are loose and the flap is not flexible, it will also cause the belt feeding problem.
    Waste paper baler, so as long as you avoid these problems, you can make the waste paper baler run better.
    Nick Baler has several type of hemp baling equipment for choice. Heavy duty baling and bagging machine, vertical baling and bagging machine, scale weighing baling and bagging machine,welcome to contact us.
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