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How much is a waste paper box baler?
Author : admin Time : 2021-07-19 AllPageView : 297
The waste paper box hydraulic baler is suitable for waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, waste paper packaging, recyclable garbage packaging, and waste plastic bags and other soft materials such as light foam and loose materials for compression and packaging. The package is compact and neat. Beautiful, reduced floor space, can greatly reduce transportation costs, waste material recycling stations and other tools for various light industrial enterprises.
Working principle of waste paper box hydraulic baler:
The waste paper box hydraulic baler is divided into two series of automatic and semi-automatic. It is controlled by PLC microcomputer. It is mainly used for compression forming of waste paper boxes, newspapers, pit paper and other waste materials in large-scale renewable resource recycling stations and paper mills. The rotation of the motor drives the oil pump to work, extracts the hydraulic oil in the oil tank, transports it through the hydraulic oil pipe, and transmits it to the hydraulic oil cylinders, driving the piston rod of the oil cylinder to move laterally to compress various cardboards in the scrap bin. The waste paper packaged with Zhenke waste paper baler has the advantages of uniform size, large specificity, high density, and reduced volume, which reduces the space occupied by waste paper, and reduces storage and transportation costs.

Reminder: Since the waste paper box balers are all customizable, there are differences in materials, parameters, dimensions, and craftsmanship. The accurate quotation of the waste paper box balers is not marked on the website. If you want to obtain accurate information and quotations, please work with us Contact, thank you for your support!

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