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Precautions for safety protection of straw baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-07-16 AllPageView : 260
1. After the equipment is installed, the grounding protection terminal in the electric control box must be connected to the grounding angle iron with a wire diameter of no less than 16 square millimeters (the grounding protection angle iron is installed by the customer). If the grounding protection is not connected, the equipment is prohibited from running. Check whether the grounding protection wire is well connected.
2. Non-personnel are forbidden to open the electric control box for maintenance.
3. It is forbidden for users to modify the electrical system wiring by themselves.
4. Users are forbidden to adjust the system pressure by themselves.
5. It is forbidden for users to replace the original accessories on the equipment by themselves.
6. The key parts of the equipment must be protected from rain above the hydraulic system and the electrical system.
7. It is forbidden to operate the equipment under the age of 18.
8. It is forbidden to operate the equipment by untrained personnel.
9. It is forbidden to tear up, smear, and safety warning signs on the equipment.
10. Please use a stable power supply with sufficient capacity. When it is far away from the transformer, consider the voltage attenuation caused by the long transmission distance, and use a power cable with sufficient wire diameter.
11. Fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment should be placed near the equipment, and operators should master the use of fire extinguishers.
12. If smoke or other abnormal conditions occur on site or equipment, use fire-fighting equipment in time and call the fire alarm number.
13. When the equipment is running, children and irrelevant persons are forbidden to be near the equipment to avoid accidents.
14. Please turn off the main power switch before overhauling. Remember: All live wiring will accidentally damage the equipment or endanger personal safety.

Nick reminds you that you must follow strict operating instructions during the use of the product, which can not only protect the safety of the operator, but also reduce the loss of equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

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