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  • How do waste paper baler manufacturers perform after-sales maintenance on waste paper baler
    In the after-sales maintenance of waste paper baler manufacturers, the inspection method for after-sales service personnel to eliminate the fault of the waste paper baler is to check whether the faulty parts of the waste paper baler can operate normally, so as to ensure the normal and stable operation of the waste paper baler , Nick's after-sales personnel of waste paper packer manufacturers should try their best to meet the following conditions when diagnosing the fault of the waste paper Baling machine:

    1. Failure analysts should have a strong sense of advancement. With the ability to quickly judge, the problem can be found when the fault is in the initial state, and effective measures can be taken to deal with it to avoid minor faults from forming major faults.

    2. The accuracy of the conclusions should be ensured. Only by obtaining very accurate data conclusions can the time and energy used to eliminate faults be reduced, and some common faults of waste paper baler can also be prevented early. Therefore, we should go into the fault analysis of the waste paper baler as much as possible.
    3. It is to ensure the correct conclusion. If the correct cause of the fault cannot be obtained, the fault cannot be eliminated. Therefore, the correct diagnosis is the basis for the recovery of the waste paper baler.
    4. It needs to be fast, time is life, the shutdown of the key waste paper baler equipment will cause the entire baling station, so the staff stops working, and every second must be determined to solve the problem and resume production.
    5. It is to ensure that the conclusions are simple and applicable. Because there are more interference factors on the work site, but because sophisticated and complex instruments are not necessarily applicable, and the price is more expensive, we need to adopt a relatively simple and effective way to deal with the waste paper baler The failure problem.
    6. The after-sales personnel of waste paper baler manufacturers must have high professional training and troubleshooting capabilities, because the working standards and service attitude of the service personnel directly determine the customer's recognition of the brand.
  • 1. Strength standard
     Under ideal and stable working conditions, the load acting on the part is the nominal load, and the stress calculated according to this load is called the invalid force. When the machine is running, there are often additional loads acting on the parts, and the load factor K is usually used to consider the effect of the additional load. The product of the nominal load and the load factor is called the calculated load. The stress calculated according to this load is called the calculated stress.

    Intensity is the basic calculation criterion to measure the working ability of parts of automatic waste paper baler. In order to make the parts work normally, without fracture, excessive residual deformation and fatigue damage during work, the parts must have sufficient strength. The parts of the automatic waste paper baler must meet the strength conditions.

    2. Stiffness standard
    Stiffness refers to the ability of a part to resist elastic deformation. Uranium parts, such as machine tool spindles and motor shafts, must be worked properly and have sufficient rigidity.
    3. Abrasion resistance standard
    After the parts of the automatic waste paper baler are worn and run, the original structure shape and size will be changed, which will reduce the accuracy of the machine, weaken the strength, cause the parts to fail, and seriously cause the automatic waste paper baler to be scrapped. Among the scrapped automatic waste paper baler parts, about 80% are caused by wear. Therefore, in the design of automatic waste paper baler, we always strive to improve the wear resistance of parts and minimize the wear of parts.
    4. Vibration stability standard

    There are many vibration sources that change over time on the automatic waste paper baler, such as backlash meshing of gears, eccentric rotation of uranium, etc. When the vibration frequency of the fully automatic waste paper baler or parts is similar or equal to the frequency of the periodic interference force, resonance will occur, which is called loss of vibration stability. Resonance not only affects the normal operation of the automatic waste paper baler, but also produces noise, and even causes the destruction of the automatic waste paper baler.

    5. Heat resistance standard
    When parts work at high temperatures, creep occurs (the stress in the metal is constant, often low stress, but slow and continuous plastic deformation occurs), which will reduce its strength limit, fatigue limit, and destroy normal lubrication conditions.
  • Regardless of the performance of the hydraulic waste paper baler, it can be summarized as the strength of the hydraulic waste paper baler's execution ability. The work must ensure the stability of the operation to ensure that the packages are uniform and unified. So what causes the hydraulic waste paper baler to not work quickly?
    1. The oil supply pressure of the hydraulic waste paper baler oil pump cannot meet the flow demand. In order to prevent the occurrence of oil leakage, strict inspection and testing are required before work.

    2. If the overflow valve in the hydraulic waste paper is deformed, it will seriously affect the main valve core blockage. The main valve core is blocked at the small opening, which will easily cause some of the pressure oil output by the hydraulic waste paper packing machine oil pump to overflow back to the oil tank. The flow of oil in the baler into the actuator is greatly reduced, which slows down the speed of oil supply.

    3. The internal and external oil leakage is relatively serious. In rapid work, it is easy to cause the oil supply pressure to be too low, but the pressure is much higher than the oil return oil circuit. When the piston seal of the hydraulic waste paper baler cylinder is damaged, the baler The two sides of the oil cylinder are prone to accidents that cause excessive internal leakage, resulting in insufficient rapid movement of the hydraulic waste paper baler oil cylinder, and other parts are also prone to oil leakage.
    4. A series of reasons such as the lubrication of the guide rail and the poor installation accuracy and assembly accuracy of the oil cylinder in the hydraulic waste paper baler can easily increase the friction resistance when the baler is working.
  • With the continuous development of science and technology, the degree of mechanical automation is gradually improving. Hydraulic waste paper baler is also included. In our lives and offices, there will be a lot of waste paper. How to deal with waste paper to avoid wasting resources?
    The hydraulic waste paper baler is to avoid the resources and waste generated by the baler. So what are its advantages and what is the future development trend? Let us find out.
    The hydraulic waste paper baler is suitable for packaging all kinds of waste cardboard, waste paper boxes, waste paper shells, waste paper barrels, waste paper edges, waste plastics and other waste garbage into blocks to achieve the purpose of saving cost and convenient transportation.

    The hydraulic waste paper baler has the advantages of fast packaging speed and high efficiency; it only takes 2.5 seconds per bundle, instant heating, and immediate packaging; only 1v low voltage and high safety, and a hot melt design of a hot melt system.

    The automatic baler is equipped with an automatic shutdown device, and will not run for more than 60 seconds, the motor will automatically stop and enter the standby state, saving time and energy. Electromagnetic clutch, fast and stable; connected shaft drive, silent operation, fast speed, low wear and low failure rate.
    The waste paper hydraulic baler is divided into automatic and semi-automatic equipment. The function is to increase profit margins for practitioners, reduce labor, and improve work efficiency. The production line is composed of host, conveyor, hopper, air cooling system and other parts. The equipment has stable performance, high cost performance, simple operation and good safety performance.
    The current baler can not only be used for the recycling of waste packaging, but also has applications in many other industries. It is widely used in food, medicine, hardware, chemical, clothing, postal and other industries. It has become an indispensable helper in people’s lives. The development of life or environment has brought great help.
    Hydraulic waste paper baler is to provide more convenience for people's living environment. I believe that more companies and individuals will choose automatic waste paper baler. I believe that the future baler will be a better baler.
    The future development of waste paper hydraulic baler will also be bright!
  • The consumption of waste paper baler is still inseparable from the performance of the oil cylinder. The performance of the hydraulic waste paper baler determines the stability of the waste paper baler. The moisture mentioned here refers to the influence of surrounding water, water vapor or moisture. There are certain reasons to prevent the entry of moisture. Water corrodes the metal in the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler, shortening the service life of the components. In addition, the corroded particles fall into the system and accelerate the deterioration of the oil. The first is iron, copper, manganese, etc. In the presence of particles, water and atmospheric oxygen rapidly oxidize the oil, and the hydraulic waste paper baler generates a thin polymer called sludge. When the operating temperature exceeds 65 degrees, the oxidation speed accelerates, and the oxidation effect doubles for every 10 degrees increase. The lubricity of the waste paper baler drops.

    The quality of the hydraulic oil selected by the hydraulic waste paper baler directly determines whether the cylinder can play a big role. The hydraulic waste paper baler also directly affects the defect rate and service life of the cylinder.
    Strictly observe the correct disassembly and assembly methods: use the appropriate disassembly and assembly tools correctly to avoid damaging the hydraulic waste paper baler by violently hitting, and never use the hammer to hit the working surface of the parts. If it is necessary to strike, you can use a copper or lead hammer, or add a soft liner between the work object and the hammer head. It is not allowed to take a measuring tool, a setback knife instead of a hammer, and a blunderhead or chisel instead of a wrench. It is related to the bulk elastic modulus of petroleum-based hydraulic oil that does not mix in air.
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