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  • The advantages of horizontal waste paper baler: ①All models are hydraulically driven, and manual operation or PLC automatic control can be selected. ②Package delivery methods include turn-over, side-push, forward-push, manual pick-up, etc. ③A variety of models are available: different pressures, bin sizes, bale sizes and shapes. ④ Where there is no power supply, diesel engine can be used as power.
    The structure and working principle of the horizontal waste paper baler: the hydraulic baler includes a bracket, the bracket has a bottom plate and front and rear side baffles, a jack is installed on the bracket, the jack has a piston rod, and the right end of the piston rod is connected with a vertical pusher Plate, the right side of the material pushing plate is connected with the material pushing slats, and the gap between the adjacent pushing slats is the rope threading groove on the board; The bracket on the side has an inlet; the bracket on the right side of the front and rear side baffle is respectively fixedly connected with front and rear side barriers, and the gap between the adjacent side barriers is a rope threading port; the right end of the bracket has a discharge port, The right end of the bracket at the discharge port is hinged with a door panel, the left side of the door panel is connected with door slats, the gap between adjacent door slats is the rope groove on the door; the cavity enclosed by the front and rear side baffles, the pusher plate and the bottom plate It is the feed cavity, and the cavity enclosed by the front and rear side barriers, the upper baffle of the pressing material, the door plate and the bottom plate is the extrusion cavity; the door plate and the right end of the bracket are fixedly connected with a locking device. And the size of the package can be adjusted within a certain range according to needs.

    The horizontal waste paper baler produced by Nick Machinery is of reliable quality, reasonable price, low investment, high output, and high efficiency. Welcome new and old friends to visit www.nkbaler.net

  • Today’s market is like a fierce battlefield. The fittest will survive, the strong will win, and the weak will be eliminated. Today’s market is such a situation. The competition in the same industry is very fierce, and any carelessness will inevitably be eliminated by the market. Out. The same is true for the packaging machine industry. Various packaging machine companies are stepping up their development, striving to innovate, and working hard to make their products more attractive and able to survive in the market, especially in this technologically advanced society. The renewal speed of the baler is even more unpredictable, and it accelerates the pace of advancement of the baler. The era of commercialization has accelerated the development of the packaging industry. It is understood that the most sold packaging machinery product in the market at present is the automatic packaging machine equipment. This has formed a great contrast with the previous years. Why is the automatic packaging machine selling so well? ? In fact, the most fundamental thing is that the automatic baler can effectively avoid the problems of material spilling in the circulation of commodities. Although some packaging equipment can complete the packaging function, they are far from insufficient in terms of their packaging quality. These packaging equipment cannot be achieved, so automatic packaging machines have developed rapidly; there are currently many packaging machine manufacturers in the market, but they are in production. Among the automatic baler equipment, it is difficult for us to find a few high-performance automatic baler equipment. For the current baler market, the automatic baler equipment of Nickel manufacturers has the highest technical content, the most stable equipment performance, and the guaranteed quality.

    Nick brand automatic baler is recognized by many customers with high-quality qualifications and professional craftsmanship according to everyone's actual needs, and it is trustworthy. Welcome to buy www.nkbaler.net

  • Years of hard work have created a brilliant market for the fully automatic baler. Although the competition in the packaging industry is becoming more and more cruel, this is only for those technologically backward equipment and has no impact on the fully automatic baler. With the deepening of baler technology, the increase of functions, and the improvement of performance, the core competitiveness of the market of fully automatic baler is also constantly improving. Since the packaging requirements required by enterprises are different, as a fully automatic packaging machine manufacturer, we must always strive to improve the internal technology of the equipment, and continue to communicate with the industry in order to promote the fully automatic packaging machine. The permanent and stable development of the country. The essence of market development is the biggest breakthrough in competition. The reason why the fully automatic baler can be as stable as Mount Tai in the fierce competition in the market and calmly respond to all challenges from the market is supported by advanced technology. High-quality service promotes the progress of enterprises, and excellent quality promotes the progress of the industry. Advanced technology can help enterprises establish a glorious image in the market. The reason why Nick's fully automatic baler takes the lead in the market is that it will do its best to meet the needs of customers, and always pay attention to the integration of new technology of fully automatic baler. In today's society, all kinds of goods are flooded, and users will also consider many factors when they want to buy. Therefore, if the fully automatic baler wants to obtain better market sales, it must fully demonstrate its own advantages, attract more consumers' attention, and at the same time facilitate users to learn more information, and then choose the fully automatic baler. In the current market environment, traditional, conservative, and modest sales methods no longer meet the needs of current affairs. Only by continuously innovating technology and making its own advantages public, can we win the trust of consumers and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

    The automatic baler produced by Nick Machinery is simple in structure, stable in action, low in failure rate and easy to clean and maintain. Welcome to visit www.nkbaler.net

  • With the increasing renewal of the packaging market, various straw balers are now emerging in endlessly. At this time, the continuous design of straw baler equipment has become a top priority. Nowadays, the packaging industry is developing steadily. The application of new products, new technologies and new packaging materials has made the competition in the packaging market very fierce. Competition and development are carried out simultaneously, so if the straw baler wants to grow continuously in the competition, it has to work hard. Only with hard work can it be possible to harvest. "Science and technology are the primary productive forces", our factory combines theory and practice in the development, bravely innovates, cleverly uses current scientific knowledge, and achieves electroMachinery integration, thus winning the market and welcoming customers. Develop high-end, high-efficiency, high-intelligence and high-production packaging equipment. Now the straw baler has the characteristics of simplicity, high productivity, more complete supporting facilities, and more automation. In the future, we will continue to develop straw balers suitable for market demand, and strive for long-term development in cooperation with merchants. High quality and high technology make it possible to attack straw balers and bring new developments to the development of various industries. Development Opportunities. Therefore, in the development, continuous innovation and technical support are the driving force for the development of the whole straw balers, and can promote the rapid development and progress of the straw balers. Our factory has been continuously researching and developing in the straw balers industry for more than ten years. In the development of straw balers, it can be said to be intensively cultivated, so that the classic equipment developed and manufactured by ourselves can accumulate value, and let the straw balers use their own appeal to become a model for the development of the packaging industry. Here, we have been paying attention to the development of straw balers. , Has always been dedicated, professional, and dedicated to create core competitiveness, has been supporting green development, and taking the path of sustainable development, so that straw balers have the potential for development and contribute to the development of the economy.

    Nick Machinery has been specialized in straw baler for many years, actively absorbing advanced experience and independent innovation of high-tech achievements. Tailor-made straw balers suitable for local factors for enterprises.

  • Modern waste paper balers have very high requirements for equipment, and it is necessary to configure conveyor equipment according to the type of waste paper baler and the efficiency of production. Conveyor is determined according to production, and it needs to be considered from many aspects. The waste paper baler has a complete model, and the structure of the equipment can be changed according to the special needs of the site. These different specifications and models are suitable for different scales of production. The small waste paper baler is suitable for a small amount of waste paper every day. This model is generally not equipped with conveyor equipment, but if you want to better save human resources or lack of human resources, you can also configure conveyor equipment. For waste paper balers, in general, supporting conveyor equipment is required to speed up the packaging efficiency of the whole equipment. Because the daily packaging volume of these models is very large, if the manpower is small, the supply of the host packaging is in short supply. This will reduce the packaging efficiency of the equipment as a whole. Therefore, conveyors need to be configured in general production situations. However, if the Bailer site has sufficient human resources, and if you want to save part of the equipment investment in the early stage, it is recommended not to use the conveyor. Rely on manual feeding, but need to meet the timely supply of feeding. For waste paper baler equipment with door type produced by our company, it is recommended to use conveyor equipment. The structure of this type of waste paper baler with door is not suitable for installation below the horizontal line, and it can pack various materials such as plastic bottles and waste plastics. These materials are inconvenient to manually feed, and it is better to use conveyor opportunities.

    Nick Machinery is an enterprise specializing in the production of hydraulic machinery and accessories, allowing you to buy one-stop, worry-free after-sales. Welcome to buy: www.nkbaler.net

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