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Brunei Hydraulic Metal Shearing Machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-25 AllPageView : 301
Hydraulic oil is the working medium of the hydraulic system. Whether the hydraulic oil is clean or not will not only affect the service life of hydraulic components and the working performance of the hydraulic system, but also directly affect whether the hydraulic metal shearing machine can work normally.
Therefore, it is very important to prevent oil contamination of hydraulic metal shears.
1. The hydraulic oil of the metal shearing machine should be kept clean before use. The hydraulic oil will be contaminated by the outside world during transportation and storage. The newly purchased hydraulic oil looks very clean, but it is actually very dirty. It must be left for a few days. , After being filtered, it is added to the hydraulic system for use.
2. Keep the hydraulic oil clean during work. The hydraulic oil will be polluted by the environment during work. Therefore, try to prevent the intrusion of air and moisture. In order to completely eliminate the intrusion of water, air and pollutants, seal the oil tank and add air to the vent hole. Filter.
3. The fuel tank should be properly sealed, and air filters should be installed in the atmosphere, and the seals must be reliable. It is forbidden to use non-oil-resistant seals and hoses.

4. Replace the oil regularly. The oil tank must be cleaned once before replacing the new oil. When the system is dirty, it can be cleaned with kerosene. After draining, inject new oil.

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