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Fault diagnosis of Brunei scrap steel shearing machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-26 AllPageView : 315
There are many kinds of failures in the hydraulic system of the scrap shears. One failure may be caused by many factors, which brings great difficulties to the diagnosis and analysis. Therefore, in the repair of the hydraulic system of the scrap shears, it is necessary to Use some practical methods with strong operability to diagnose.
Fault diagnosis method of scrap steel shearing machine:
1. Exchange method
When only a certain circuit or a certain function is lost in the hydraulic system, replace and install the same components on the hydraulic press of the same type, structure and principle in the same position. If the fault persists, it means that the component is not If the problem does not exist, use the same method to check other components. If the fault does not exist, it means that the component is faulty.
The advantage of this method is that even if the repairer has a low technical level, it can be used to make an accurate diagnosis of the fault of the hydraulic machine.
2. Auxiliary method
With the help of simple auxiliary parts, it can diagnose whether the hydraulic components of the hydraulic shearing machine are malfunctioning.
1) Artificial reversing method, using the ejector rod to reversal valve components, can diagnose whether the reversing valve is stuck, the valve core is not in place and other faults.
The auxiliary method avoids excessive disassembly workload, reduces fault diagnosis time, and facilitates rapid diagnosis, especially for larger cylinder seals. This type of fault diagnosis has good practicability.

2) The oil blocking method, such as blocking the oil ports of valve components and cylinder oil ports, can diagnose whether these hydraulic components are leaking or failing.

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