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Analysis of the causes of failure of Brunei shears
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-26 AllPageView : 301
The after-sales maintenance personnel of the scrap steel shearing machine must have certain knowledge and practical experience of hydraulic transmission. By mastering the main parameters of the system, they are familiar with the structure and working principle of each hydraulic component. From the outside to the inside, easy first and then difficult" order, conduct a comprehensive analysis and comparison, and quickly make an accurate diagnosis.
The reasons for general failures can be divided into the following 5 aspects:
1. The sealing element is damaged or impurities make the hydraulic element unable to work normally;
2. The hydraulic components are worn or damaged, such as valve components sealing failure, spring failure, etc.;
3. Improper adjustment of hydraulic components, such as: incorrect adjustment of pressure and flow of oil pump, oil motor, sequence valve, direction valve, unloading valve, and balance valve;
4. The auxiliary mechanism malfunctions, such as: improper adjustment or damage of the limit switch position, damage to the pressure gauge, damage to the pressure relay or misinformation, fuel tank filtration problems, etc.;

5. The control mechanism (electrical) malfunctions, such as: relay malfunction, poor or damaged button contact, incorrect installation of electromagnet, incorrect connection of motor phase wire, etc., which cause hydraulic components to malfunction or program errors.

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