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Brunei hydraulic shear cylinder maintenance
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-25 AllPageView : 317
The hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic shearing machine is the power conversion device in the hydraulic system, so it is essential to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic shearing machine.
Daily maintenance skills of hydraulic cylinders of hydraulic shears:
1. Cleaning:
The pipeline and the fuel tank should be cleaned to prevent falling off oxide scale and other sundries. For cleaning, use lint-free cloth or special paper. The fuel tank should be sealed to prevent contamination.
2. Open the box and change the oil:
After long-term use of hydraulic shears, foreign matter will inevitably enter the hydraulic cylinder, which will increase friction during use. In addition, the hydraulic oil has a certain service life. If the oil is not changed, the hydraulic cylinder will be damaged or corroded. .
3. Inspection of each part:
The oil cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder should also regularly check the leakage of each seal, as well as whether the bolts of the connecting parts are loosened or not, so as to prevent accidents.
4. Temperature:

Control the temperature of the hydraulic system. Excessive oil temperature will reduce the service life of the seal. Long-term high oil temperature will cause permanent deformation of the seal, or even complete failure.

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