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  • The quality of the hydraulic oil selected for the waste paper bailer press directly determines whether the cylinder can play a big role.
    Sometimes it is necessary to disassemble the cylinder. Do you know the correct method?
    1.Use appropriate disassembly and assembly tools correctly to avoid damaging the waste paper bailer press by violently hitting,and never use a hammer to hit the working surface of the parts.

    2.If it is necessary to strike,you can use a copper or lead hammer,or add a soft liner between the work object and the hammer head.It is not allowed to take a measuring tool,a knife instead of a hammer,and a blunderhead or chisel instead of a wrench use.

    Therefore,you must pay special attention to the method when disassembling the hydraulic cylinder.If you need it,you can contact our Nick Machinery. We have dedicated after-sales personnel to serve you wholeheartedly. 


    Phone: 86-29-86031588

  • There are two types of abrasion phenomena for horizontal waste paper compacting baling Machines,one is adhesive wear and the other is normal wear.Do you know their causes and specific performance?

    The so-called adhesive wear is the phenomenon that the material on the contact surface is transferred from one surface to another due to solid phase welding at the contact point. When the horizontal compacting baling Machine is welding,the temperature at the real contact point presents two different conditions,which may be greater than or not greater than the melting point.

    The second is normal wear and tear.All the wear and tear that occurs within the stipulated promise will be attributed to it.In the initial stage of wear and tear,the appearance of conflict will have corresponding roughness.In general,the smaller the real contact surface,the faster the wear will be.When the appearance of the parts is gradually flattened,the horizontal waste paper compacting baling Machine has entered a normal and stable wear stage.
    When customers use the waste paper compacting baling Machine,they must regularly repair and maintain the equipment and solve the faults in time to improve production efficiency and extend the service life of the equipment. If there is any unclear point in the maintenance,please call the after-sales telephone number of Nick Machinery:86- 29-86031588 for consultation.
  • Factors of unstable output of waste paper bale compactors:
    1.The direct influencing factors of the production efficiency of the waste paper bale compactors:the type and specifications of the bale compactors,the output varies with different models,and the different specifications directly determine the production efficiency of the bale compactors.The production efficiency of the conventional waste paper bale compactors is higher than that of the bale compactors with a door at the discharge port.
    2.The production of horizontal waste paper bale compactors is also inseparable from the cylinder performance of the bale compactors.The performance of the cylinder determines the stability of the bale compactors.To ensure the production performance of the bale compactors,you must choose a bale compactors manufacturer with exquisite cylinder production technology.

    3.The quality of the hydraulic oil selected for the bale compactors equipment,the quality of the hydraulic oil directly determines whether the cylinder can play a large role,but also directly affects the failure rate and service life of the cylinder.To ensure that the bale compactors production must use high-quality genuine No.46 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

    4.The operating convenience,control performance and low failure rate of the hydraulic waste paper bale compactors control system also determine the baling efficiency of the bale compactors.
    The NKW100Q series of waste paper bale compactorss produced by Nick Baler Company are fully automatic hydraulic waste paper bale compactorss,which are quick to pack out,simple in structure,low in failure rate and easy to clean and maintain.They are your best choice.
  • Any rice husk baler will use lubricants.The role of lubricants is to form mechanical operations between the surfaces of the mechanical equipment to reduce the mutual friction between the machines,increase the operating speed of the equipment,and improve work efficiency.
    Ensure the normal operation of the equipment.Why should lubricant be added to rice husk baler equipment?
    1.Reduce friction.After the lubricant is added between the relatively moving surfaces of the friction pair,a lubricant film is formed to separate the friction surfaces,so that the friction between the metal surfaces is converted into internal friction between oil film molecules with lower shear strength.
    Thereby,the friction resistance and energy consumption of the rice husk baler are reduced,and the friction pair runs smoothly.

    2.Reduce wear.The lubricant film formed on the friction surface can reduce friction and support the load,so it can reduce surface wear and scratches,and maintain the matching accuracy of the rice husk baler parts.

    3.Prevent corrosion.The lubricant film on the friction surface can isolate the corrosion of the friction surface by environmental media such as air,water vapor and corrosive gases,and prevent or slow down rust.At present,many lubricating greases are also added with corrosion inhibitors or rust inhibitors.
    It can slow down the corrosion of the metal surface of the rice husk baler.
    Nick Baler rice husk baler has simple structure,small volume,simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage,continuous operation,and high efficiency.
  • When choosing a straw baler,customers should choose a manufacturer with good quality after-sales.Only by choosing a good after-sale quality,users can use it with peace of mind.
    Thanks to customers from all over the world,thank you for choosing our company’s straw baler,it is because of your support and trust that we will have commendable achievements,whether it is quality or after-sales service,we Nick Baler Machinery use a dedicated attitude,Put every service in place.

    The after-sale service of the straw baler is the most intimate.

    As long as you trust Nick Baler Machinery's straw baler,then Nick Baler Machinery will give you a surprise.It is with the trust of customers that our company's straw balers will become famous in the industry.When you choose Nick Baler straw baler,we have become close friends. f you have any problems with the quality,please feel free to contact our customer service or contact your sales manager to solve the problem in time.In order to meet the needs of customers,Nick Baler Machinery constantly pursues quality and keeps learning.Of course,user satisfaction also proves our good quality.
    Nick Baler Machinery sincerely serves you and looks forward to your cooperation. Service hotline:86-29-86031588,company website:www.nkbaler.net
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