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  • In recent years, with the increasing momentum of my country's new horizontal hydraulic baler industry, it has become the main battlefield of the main competition in the entire packaging industry. It can be said that the new horizontal hydraulic baler has ushered in the golden period of development.
    However, opportunities and challenges coexist. As the market demand for new horizontal hydraulic balers continues to grow, my country's new horizontal hydraulic baler companies continue to emerge, bringing development to the new horizontal hydraulic baler. It also puts a certain test on various companies in the market.
    At the same time, the rapid development of the new horizontal hydraulic baler is moving towards the high-end market to meet the ever-expanding packaging market.

    After more than ten years of development, NICKBALER continues to accumulate experience, develops and researches a new type of horizontal hydraulic baler, and has now shaped a good corporate image in the industry. High-end equipment must be supported by high-end technology, so that the new type of horizontal hydraulic baler Type hydraulic baler series products occupy the mainstream position in the industry.

    NICKBALER has accumulated a wealth of experience since its establishment, and its strength has also been greatly improved. https://www.nkbaler.net
  • In the series of hydraulic baler products, the waste paper baler is a kind of mechanical equipment that is trusted by the majority of users. The waste paper baler can squeeze large piles of waste paper and other waste products, which is convenient for transportation and storage. Bring greater benefits to enterprises, so when the majority of enterprises choose horizontal hydraulic balers, they should pay attention to the following issues:
    1. When choosing a waste paper baler, the majority of enterprise users should look for a regular manufacturer to choose!
    2. Understanding and choosing are the most important. Many companies have different performances of the horizontal hydraulic baler required for production. Therefore, you should first understand the needs of your own company, and then make a choice, so that you can choose the one that suits your needs. Horizontal hydraulic baler!

    3. The reputation of the manufacturer of hydraulic baler must be strictly inspected. A good reputation of a manufacturer is not only a good service attitude, but also whether the manufacturer's follow-up services can keep up. If manufacturers want to gain a firm foothold in the industry, they must do so so that customers have no worries!

    NICKBALER has a professional R&D team and after-sales service team. If you have any questions during the use of the product, you can contact us at any time 86-29-86031588
  • Cardboard box baler is more and more widely used in the market now. It is mainly used in waste paper recycling stations, various waste paper factories and other enterprises. It is suitable for all kinds of waste paper, waste plastic, straw, scrap iron, etc. , So what are the problems that are prone to appear in the use of cardboard box Baler machines?
    1. The cardboard box Baler machine makes abnormal noises, such as friction sound, collision sound, etc.;
    2. Pay attention to the temperature of various parts, such as whether the temperature of the hydraulic oil is below 65 degrees, whether the temperature of the motor is too high, whether the bearing is overheated, etc.;
    3. Check whether the appearance of the cardboard box Baler machine is abnormal, such as oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, light off, and the value of each instrument is out of range, etc.;
    4. Pay attention to whether there is any abnormal smell, such as burning smell.

    The above are the problems that are prone to occur in the production of the cardboard box baler. Pay great attention to the production operation, and repair it in time if it occurs, so as not to delay the normal production and bring unnecessary losses.

    NICKBALER provides customers with better, faster and more complete after-sales service for a long time, so that customers can get a good guarantee of benefits. https://www.nkbaler.net
  • I believe that many people who have used or seen the process of using waste paper to the packaging machine will be surprised to ask whether the power of the beverage bottle packaging machine is provided by the hydraulic pump or the machine itself? Next, the technical staff of NICKBALER will give you a detailed explanation.
    1. Working pressure of beverage bottle Baler machine
    The output pressure of the hydraulic pump of the beverage bottle Baler machine is called the working pressure when it is actually working. The working pressure depends on the size of the external load and the pressure loss on the oil drain line, and has nothing to do with the flow of the hydraulic pump.
    2. Rated pressure of beverage bottle Baler machine
    The maximum pressure of the hydraulic pump of the beverage bottle Baler machine under normal working conditions and continuous operation according to the test standard is called the rated pressure of the hydraulic pump.

    Due to the different uses of the hydraulic drive of the beverage bottle Baler, the pressure required by the system is also different. Exceeding this value will overload the pump. The rated pressure is restricted by the structural strength and leakage of the pump itself.

    NICKBALER has independent structural design and production process innovation capabilities, and the core team has many years of experience in mechanical equipment and processing equipment R&D and design. https://www.nkbaler.net
  • With the rapid economic development, humans’ demand for natural resources has increased. However, the low utilization of natural resources has led to a serious shortage of resources on the earth. my country’s paper industry is experiencing a period of rapid increase in demand, and it is necessary to reduce imports of raw materials. Dependence, it is necessary to improve domestic wood pulp production and the recovery rate and utilization rate of waste paper. In terms of recycling and processing, the emergence of waste paper baler occupies a special position.
    The waste paper baler is the primary raw material for recycling paper after the waste paper is packaged and recovered, and the waste paper is used to make paper, which can reduce deforestation and waste paper waste, and the consumption of waste paper pulping is lower than that of virgin fiber pulping. It saves raw materials and reduces environmental pollution, which echoes the environmental protection papermaking that the country has always advocated.

    Therefore, in the recycling process, waste paper baler occupies a special position in the profession, and most of its demand orders come from recycling and processing enterprises; its level also has a particularly important meaning for the development of the recycling industry.

    The NICKBALER waste paper baler is strictly controlled in accordance with the operation mode of the international quality and safety system, and the quality fully meets the economic and industrial design requirements. https://www.nkbaler.net
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