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Daily maintenance of hydraulic balers in the Philippines
Author : admin Time : 2022-09-05 AllPageView : 244
No matter what equipment is used, only good maintenance work can ensure the use effect. The same is true for hydraulic balers. Only by maintaining equipment can the working efficiency of hydraulic balers be improved. What maintenance work should be done for hydraulic balers?
1. Before shifting gears, check whether the oil pipes are leaking oil.
Scrub equipment regularly, lubricate and oil as needed. Check whether the connecting rod pin of each part is reliable. Wipe to check if the sound of the hydraulic baler is normal.
2. Pay attention before use
Pay attention to operating noise, equipment temperature, working pressure, level gauge, electrical equipment, hydraulic press and comprehensive insurance is all normal.
3. After use

Turn off the power switch, remove the shredded paper and dust, wipe the oil from the equipment trickle surface and rolling surface, and then apply the oil. Clear working field, grooming accessories and special tools. Fill in the shift record and the record when operating the station, and then execute the shift procedure.

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