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  • Can hydraulic baler is a kind of packaging machinery used in recycling processing and can smelting industry.The packing material is placed in the material box of the baler and pressed by the hydraulic cylinder to compress the packed material into various metal blocks.Using hydraulic baler to pack the can baler is convenient for workers to operate and avoid the waste of labor.
    Because this kind of baler mainly uses hydraulic drive,so it is also known as hydraulic baler.The hydraulic drive design also makes the equipment work more stable and safe. In addition,this kind of packaging machinery has two kinds of operation mode,one is manual; the other is PLC automatic control,that is,we often say full-automatic mode.

    Generally speaking,the advantages of metal baler are compact structure,easy to move and install,simple operation,easy maintenance and reliable sealing.The packing specifications can be determined according to the needs of users.The nick hydraulic baler can cooperate with transportation or storage to the maximum extent.It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency,save manpower and reduce transportation costs.

  • Now in many industries can see such a kind of equipment,that is, scrap press,it can be widely used in many industries,professionals in related industries have a lot of understanding of its performance and role,it also plays a considerable role in our life.
    The first and most important role of scrap baler is to process the scrap steel into the shape that meets the requirements and requirements of use,which makes the steel which can not be directly used,but has no complete loss of use value,so as to save many resources for users and can be used with very low price Very good quality products.

    It is widely used in the field of energy and resources,which helps users to achieve more reasonable and efficient use of resources,and solves the problems that have plagued many people before.At the same time,the operation of this machine is very simple and convenient,and it is also very safe and reliable to use.
    Nick metal baler is easy to operate, safe and energy-saving, and is your best helper.
  • One of the products produced by our company is straw baler.Its working process is to feed the straw into the hopper through the conveyor,when the hopper is full of straw.The conveyor stops automatically.At this time,manually press the button to operate the baler to compress the straw,and repeat the movement for several times.When the size of the straw bale reaches the demand,the straw baler will be suspended and the baler will be bound.The process of strapping is divided into semi-automatic and full-automatic,which is one of the differences between semi-automatic baler and automatic baler.

    Straw strapping machine is a kind of field operation equipment,which has two parts.The tractor and straw baler work together to pick up and pack the straw in the field.This kind of equipment mainly bales the straw with low density.In general, for a large number of straws,straw baler is usually used to bundle first,and then baled by straw baler,which is suitable for long-distance transportation.
    Nick straw baler has simple structure,small volume,simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage,continuous operation and high efficiency.
  • In production,for the purpose of convenient storage and transportation,many enterprises or individuals need to use the baler. Baler from the specific purpose of use,there are many types,such as common waste paper baler,cotton baler and so on.So how to buy Cotton baler?

    Baler is widely used in loose compression packing of cotton gauze,hemp,wool,paper,sponge,plastic,waste paper,waste aluminum,scrap iron,stainless steel corner material,etc.A good baler can make the shape and size of the extruded package uniform,the specific gravity density is high,thus effectively reducing the transportation and smelting costs,and more in line with the requirements of container transportation.Because of the versatility and commonness of the baler, the baler is frequently used and worn.How to keep the baler performance stable,the longer it is used?This requires a certain amount of effort in purchasing.As a commonly used machine in production,it is three key points to recognize the manufacturer's qualification,reputation,and mechanical quality when purchasing the baler.

    Nick cotton baler is easy to operate and can automatically take out the package,which improves the work efficiency.The installation of emergency stop setting makes the operation safer and the after-sale perfect.

  • With the further development of production technology in recent years,the types and types of clothing balers are gradually increasing.Of course,the machine can also be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.Let's learn about the specific customization requirements.

    1.Automatic baler,Generally,the clothing baler is purely manual operation,that is to say, manual work is needed in the process of discharging,operation and final packing.Then some customers ask for automatic packing.There are two common ways:one is to use steel wire rope to pop the finished product out of the bag box;the other is to add an oil cylinder at the back to push the finished product out.

    2.Conveying and feeding:for the clothing baler, due to the small size of the bag box,it is not recommended for customers to use conveyor belt.The large feeding device is mainly suitable for automatic waste paper baler and large-scale production.

    3.The packing weight can be increased by increasing the size of the packing box,but it needs to be improved in combination with the cylinder pressure,stroke and support bearing capacity.

    Nick company is a professional company which is engaged in the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and  baler machinery equipment.It is your only choice to focus on building a professional,integrity building reputation,and service casting sales volume.
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