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  • Professional hydraulic baler manufacturers can guarantee more favorable prices, and ensure the quality of equipment and after-sales service. Next, NICKBALER will give you a brief introduction on how to choose a waste paper baler.
    1. Compare equipment quotations
    The price of hydraulic baler is the most concerned issue for customers. Before choosing a manufacturer, you should ask more questions and make more comparisons. If the manufacturer's quotation is too low, you should be vigilant and be careful of being deceived. The price attracts customers, and then a deposit is charged, so you must be careful with such manufacturers.
    2. Consult the specific technology
    Specific technical questions can be consulted by telephone or online, such as equipment output, electrical equipment weight, and what equipment is included in the complete production line, so that you can get a general understanding of the manufacturer’s technical situation. If you are a professional manufacturer, you will give an accurate answer.
    3. Equipment information

    After consulting the equipment technical issues and quotation, you can ask the manufacturer to send the actual pictures of the equipment and successful cases, so that you can roughly see the situation of the equipment and the production effect of the manufacturer’s equipment.

    NICKBALER also produces waste paper balers, plastic balers, metal shears and other hydraulic machinery, which are available from stock and can support product customization. Contact number 86-229-860031588
  • With the rapid development of society, there are more and more waste products. Only through the Baler operation of the hydraulic baler can the environmental pollution be reduced in time. Then what process do you need to understand when installing the hydraulic baler?
    1. The material of the hydraulic baler must comply with national standards.
    2. The foundation of must be flat, tamped and hard without any deformation. When the ground is soft, a cushion surface must be used to increase the stress surface and increase stability.
    3. All hydraulic balers must be installed in accordance with relevant standards and regulations. The hydraulic balers must be horizontal and vertical, and the span and spacing must meet the specifications.

    4. The springboard on the hydraulic baler should be neatly placed, and the width and length should be the same (except for special parts).

    NICKBALER has rich production experience and integrated service. Using our baler can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce human and financial expenditure. www.nickbaler.com
  • After the parts of the waste paper baler are worn out, the original structure shape and size will be changed, which will reduce the accuracy of the machine, weaken the strength, cause the parts to fail, and seriously cause the waste paper baler to be scrapped.
    Among the scrapped waste paper baler parts, about 80% are caused by wear.
    Therefore, in the design of waste paper baler, we always try to improve the wear resistance of the parts and reduce the wear of the parts as much as possible.
    There are many vibration sources that change over time on the waste paper baler, such as backlash meshing of gears, eccentric rotation of uranium, and so on.
    When the vibration frequency of the waste paper baler or parts is similar or equal to the frequency of the periodic interference force, resonance will occur, which is called the loss of vibration stability. Resonance not only affects the normal operation of the waste paper baler, but also produces noise. It constitutes the destruction of the waste paper baler.

    Strength is the basic calculation criterion for weighing the working ability of waste paper baler parts. In order to make the parts work properly, there is no breakage, excessive residual deformation and fatigue damage during work, so that the parts have sufficient strength.

    NICKBALER provides customers with better, faster and more complete after-sales service for a long time, so that the product can get a good guarantee of benefits from design, production to customer use. www.nickbaler.com
  • Hydraulic waste paper baler is a kind of mechanical equipment that compresses and packs waste paper, corrugated paper, news paper, plastic film and other loose items through a hydraulic transmission system. It has the advantages of improving work efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and increasing economic benefits.
    The hydraulic oil pump of the waste paper baler is a hydraulic component, which provides flow and pressure for the hydraulic transmission system of the waste paper baler, and is an indispensable key component of each hydraulic transmission system.
    The principle of selecting the hydraulic oil pump for hydraulic waste paper baler equipment is to first determine the type of hydraulic oil pump according to the working state, power and system performance requirements of the main body of the horizontal waste paper baler, and then according to the required system pressure.

    The hydraulic oil pump reduces the energy consumption of the hydraulic transmission system of the horizontal waste paper baler, improves system efficiency, reduces noise, improves work performance, and ensures system reliability is very important.

    The design of the NICKBALER waste paper baler is practical and beautiful, and the key components are well-known products at home and abroad. It has the characteristics of fast speed and high precision. www.nickbaler.net

  • The gantry shearing machine is famous for its advantages such as simple and convenient operation, high work efficiency, and good product quality. It is favored and praised by the majority of users. In order to promote everyone's understanding of the gantry shearing machine, let's talk about the gantry shearing machine. The knowledge points of the shearing machine.
    1. First of all, the shear force of gantry shears has unique advantages, and the shear force of gantry shears has a large range for users to choose from to meet the needs of users for production.
    2. The gantry shearing machine has a large shearing output. With the improvement of people's living standards, various construction steel companies have increased, which has caused a large amount of waste steel in the industry to be urgently processed. In order to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, we must deal with these Scrap steel is processed for reuse. Gantry shears play an important role in cutting steel, so this is an important reason for the emergence and popularity of Gantry shears.
    3. The gantry shearing machine is economical. Large steel mills have fixed recycling standards. They need to be cut and then pressed. The maintenance work is done by a dedicated person, which helps to improve the service life of the machine.

    Pay attention to the gantry shearing machine during use. After the work is completed, the main power supply should be turned off, the foreign matter around the machine and the foreign matter in the machine should be cleared, and the machine should be properly lubricated to reduce the wear of the machine. This is conducive to the maintenance of the machine and the efficiency of the gantry shearing machine  operation.

    NICKBALER gantry shearing machine has the advantages of low inertia, low noise, smooth movement, convenient operation, sensitivity, large cutting section, and convenient adjustment of the scissors mouth. www.nickbaler.com
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