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How much hydraulic oil is added to the metal baler?
Author : admin Time : 2023-12-05 AllPageView : 136
In industrial production, a metal baler is a commonly used device for compressing and packaging metal scrap, paper, plastic and other materials for easy transportation and processing. The hydraulic system is one of the core components of the metal baler, which realizes Machinery operation through the transmission of hydraulic oil. However, how much hydraulic oil should be added to a metal baler?
1. We need to understand the role of hydraulic oil in metal balers. Hydraulic oil is not only used to transmit power, but also plays important roles such as lubrication, sealing and cooling.
2. To determine the amount of hydraulic oil required for the metal baler, first check the operation manual of the equipment or the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer.
3. It can reduce friction loss, maintain the normal working temperature of the hydraulic system, and prevent leakage and oxidation at the same time.
4. Generally speaking, the amount of hydraulic oil used will be stated in the technical specifications provided by the equipment manufacturer.

5. How much hydraulic oil to add to the metal baler mainly depends on the design of the equipment and the manufacturer's suggestion. Consulting your equipment manual for the correct type and amount of hydraulic fluid to use is critical.

The metal baler adopts hydraulic drive, which is easy to operate and easy to maintain. There is no need for foot screws for installation, and diesel engines can be used as power in places without power supply. The equipment adopts hydraulic transmission, which is safe to use and easy to realize overload protection. 
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