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Analysis of common failures of corn stalk baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-08-27 AllPageView : 341
No matter what any equipment fails, it will not appear immediately, but will have certain signs. The corn stalk baler is no exception.If users can find these signs early in the process of use,they can quickly find out.The failure of the corn stalk balers can be eliminated in time to gain time for production.
1.Cut with burrs.After the corn stalk baler has been used for a period of time,there will be burrs when cutting the packaging belt.At this time,the user should pay attention to it.This may be a manifestation of severe wear on the cutting knife of the corn stalk baler.When the machine can no longer cut the tape,replace it in time.

2.It always collapses.There are two reasons for the collapse of the corn stalk balers.One is that the bonding time is too short and the straps are not fully integrated.The other is that the bonding time is too long.In this case,the two situations are very easy to distinguish,so users of corn stalk baler only need to adjust the heating time of the ironing head according to different situations.

3.Abnormal noise occurs during work.There are many situations that cause the corn stalk baler,but the main situation is that the corn stalk baler has been used for too long and the parts inside are loose.The user only needs to check the internal parts of the corn stalk baler.Just tighten it.
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