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The main manifestations of common faults of waste paper baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-08-26 AllPageView : 486
The waste paper baler may present many problems in the process of packaging items,which is called a common fault of the waste paper baler.The common faults of waste paper baler are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1,No vacuuming.The greatest possibility that the waste paper baler used for the first time does not vacuum is that the electrical connection is reversed,and the vacuum pump is reversed and cannot be vacuumed.If the vacuum suddenly stops after a period of use,it may be caused by a vacuum pump fault or a circuit board fault,and another possibility is that the vacuum chamber is deformed,and the upper cover of the vacuum machine cannot be completely sucked,resulting in a situation that cannot be vacuumed.Present.

2.Unsealed.If the waste paper baler is in an unsealed condition,first investigate whether the bag has any traces of ironing.If there is, it means that the heating temperature is not enough.You only need to adjust the heating temperature. If the bag has no traces of scalding, it means that the heating strip has no temperature at all.This may be caused by two conditions,one is that the heating strip is cracked or burned,and the other is that the heating transformer is burned.
3.The sealing is not flat.The uneven seal of the bag is generally manifested as the seal has wrinkles and there is no obvious pattern at the seal.The wrinkles at the seal are mainly caused by the bag being too short;there is no significant pattern at the seal,80% of which is formed by the heating time being too long.

4.The vacuum degree is getting lower and lower.It may be because the vacuum pump has entered a lot of water,and the oil in the vacuum pump is diluted and lost its original function.

In fact,all the common faults that appear during the use of the equipment can be dealt with quickly by the operator through learning,and if they are not handled well,they can look for after-sales maintenance.
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