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Product use of scrap steel shearing machine
Author : admin Time : 2020-10-19 AllPageView : 329
The purpose of the scrap steel shearing machine:It is used for cold shearing of scraps such as round steel,square steel,angle steel,I-beam,plate steel,steel pipe,etc.,cut-to-length shearing of hot-rolled small steel,and steel rolling Cut-to-length of factory-shaped steel,etc.
Advantages of scrap steel shearing machine:
1.Reasonable design structure:Reasonable use of lever principle,crocodile mouth structure,stronger bite force than traditional flat shears,and lower power consumption.

2.High safety factor:The shearing work must be carried out after obtaining the pressure cylinder work program.The scrap steel shearing machine has two cylinders,one is the main pressure cylinder,which is responsible for the shearing work,and the other is the pressure cylinder.Responsible for compacting the shearing material.Simply put,the shearing cylinder can work only after the material pressing cylinder is in place to prevent shaking,jumping,splashing and other conditions of the sheared material.Sequence control is more secure.

3.Hydraulic drive:smooth cutting,low noise, easy installation,no foundation required,high-quality high-pressure oil pump for oil supply,stronger stability.
4.Fast shearing speed:using large-diameter high-quality hydraulic valve block,no leakage,large flow,installation of return acceleration device,after the material is cut,the shearing cylinder accelerates when it returns,thereby increasing speed and efficiency.
5.The quality of the blade is good:the use of high-quality high-hardness alloy materials and special processing technology ensure that the normal service life of the blade is twice that of the counterpart products.
Nick brand the scrap steel shearing machine operation is simple,and the package is automatically delivered,which improves work efficiency.The installation of emergency stop settings makes the operation safer.
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