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What method is used to detect waste paper bailer press
Author : admin Time : 2020-10-15 AllPageView : 349
What methods can the waste paper bailer press use to check whether the equipment is normal before production and how to operate it?
1.No-load test machine

Turn on the power of the waste paper hydraulic bailer press,loosen the system overflow valve to make the system overflow safely,start the motor (using the method of stopping after starting),and observe whether the rotation of the motor is consistent with the sign of the oil pump.Start the motor and observe whether the oil pump is stable and reliable during operation.Whether there is significant noise in the pump,if not,the test machine can be carried out. Gradually adjust the overflow valve handle of the waste paper hydraulic bailer press so that the pressure value is about 8Mpa.Operate according to the order of operation,single-act each cylinder,observe whether it runs smoothly without vibration,and gradually adjust the main pressure cylinder and side pressure The parallelism between the cylinder and the bottom plate and the side frame,fix the main pressure cylinder and the side pressure cylinder,and use the adjusting support to support the tail of the cylinder.

2.Load test machine
(1)The load test can be performed after the operation of the single cylinder is familiar.
(2)Adjust the pressure of the waste paper hydraulic bailer press system to make the pressure display value about 20~26.5Mpa,and tighten the nut.Do several packing sequences in the order of operation.Feed material to the compression chamber.The load test adopts the form of physical packaging.Press 1~2 bales and hold the pressure for 3~5 seconds after the stroke of each waste paper hydraulic bailer press cylinder is in place. Perform a pressure test on the system to observe whether there is any Oil leakage,if any,should be eliminated after the system is depressurized.

Customers can choose their own models according to their actual conditions.Because of their obvious advantages,the fully automatic waste paper bailer press occupies a larger market share.

Nick brand automatic waste paper bailer press has simple structure,stable action,simple operation,low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance.It is a good helper for your production.

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