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Waste Paper wire baling machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-02-23 AllPageView : 357
In the development of waste paper baler in recent years, it can promote itself in many ways. It is widely used in light industry, food, foreign trade, and how to solve the problems? General merchandise, printing, waste paper balers cannot be delivered to the pharmaceutical, post and telecommunications, textile and other industries, and can meet the needs of the public.
However, when using the waste paper baler, the belt is offset, so how do we need to check it?
Related to the quality of the belt, we must ensure the straightness, hardness and deflection of the belt. It is related to the friction and resistance where the belt passes.
If the design of the belt bin of the waste paper baler is too small, the strap will be entrained in the bin. If the fixing screws of the belt track are loose and the flap is not flexible, it will also cause the belt feeding problem.

Waste paper baler, so as long as you avoid these problems, you can make the waste paper baler run better.

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