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Common sense of maintenance of waste paper baler
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Common sense of maintenance of waste paper baler
One, clean up
The waste paper baler should be cleaned with high-pressure gas, and protective glasses should be worn during cleaning to avoid damage to the glasses. Secondly, the high-speed, large-capacity wind generated by the fan can also be used for cleaning.
Remember not to clean the baler with water, because the remaining residue after cleaning will cause the body to rust if soaked in water. Waste paper baler
2. Lubrication of waste paper baler
The area where waste paper baler needs lubrication generally includes two parts: roller chain and wheel bearing.

Generally speaking, every 1000 bales need to be lubricated with engine oil once, but this is easy to absorb dust, so you can choose to lubricate the chains regularly at the end of the season and idle periods, so that the chains are not as easily contaminated as they are running. 

Wheel bearings need to be removed, cleaned and replaced every year. When lubricating the wheel bearing, rotate the wheel at the same time, and the common sense of maintenance will stop when the rotation encounters resistance.

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