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  • The operating environment is the main way to ensure that the straw balers increase production.A good operating environment can make the straw balers better play their important factors of efficiency,quality and safety.The basic meaning of the operating environment of the straw baler is divided into two aspects:
    1.From a broad sense,the safe operating environment of a straw baler refers to the natural ecological environment,economic conditions and management level that affect the production system with the straw baler as the main production tool.Mainly through the analysis of the integration of the operating system of the straw baler and the surrounding environment.

    2.From a narrow perspective,it can be said that the safe operating environment of the straw baler is an element of the operating group that affects the production system,such as the operating conditions of the terrain and climate.The safe operating environment has this effect on the application and management characteristics of the straw baler.

    According to the different characteristics of the operation of the straw baler,the safe operation environment of the straw baler is divided into the transportation operation environment,the field operation environment and the fixed operation environment,and the impact on the safety of the straw baler is called the safety of the straw baler Characteristics of the operating environment.Nick brand straw baler has a wide range of adaptability, high safety performance, and can better serve you.

  • In the process of using the corn stalk baler,the bonding effect is not good due to many reasons,but when the problem occurs,the user cannot make a good judgment in the first time,which affects the production efficiency.Here are some common situations and solutions for the poor bonding effect of corn stalk balers:
    1.The temperature is too high or too low.Sometimes the packing belt of a special corn stalk packing machine has poor viscosity and the temperature must be very accurate.
    2.The compression spring in the middle cavity of the corn stalk baler is shortened or the compression spring is broken,resulting in insufficient pressure,replace the compression spring.

    3.The bearing of 635 under the middle knife is damaged,so it can only be heated and cannot be glued at all.Replace the bearing of the corn stalk baler.

    4.The long tension spring on the pendulum rod is fatigued.If there are some,the pendulum rod cannot be pulled into place,leading to half bonding or even less.Replace the tension spring.
    5.The electric steel sheet is too high or too low,or to the left or right,because it touches the upper and lower PP belts,or the left and right tools,and cannot enter the heating,it must be adjusted according to the situation.
    Nick corn stalk baler has simple structure,stable action,simple operation,low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance.It is a good helper for your production.
  • Precautions:
    1.Before using the straw baler,you must make necessary adjustments,including:the adjustment of the rope winding mechanism,the height of the picker,the gap between the picker and the feeding roller,the tightness of the bale,etc,and check whether the operation of each part is normal ,If there is any abnormality,shut down for maintenance;
    2.When the hydraulic pipe of the baler is connected to the hydraulic output end of the tractor, check whether there is any leakage in the hydraulic pipe,and it is forbidden to plug and unplug the oil pipe when the hydraulic oil pipe is under pressure;

    3.During the use of the straw baler,it is strictly forbidden to harrow the ground with the pickers and spring teeth.Pay attention to the prompts of the working condition of the baler and operate according to the instructions of the user manual.

    4.When the baler is in operation,it is necessary to turn off the engine and cut off the power before clearing it.When the baler is unloading the bale,it is forbidden to stand behind to avoid crushing and bruising;
    5.The power output of the engine must be cut off when the packer is repaired and maintained;
    6.When the tractor pulls the baler while driving on the road,pay attention to driving safety and ensure that the power output is cut off.
    Nick corn stalk baler has simple principle,convenient operation and automatic bale delivery,which improves work efficiency.
  • At present,the equipment and technology of the hydraulic baler produced in China is still at a relatively backward level.How to get rid of the passive situation of relying on imports for key technologies,and to adapt to market development needs as soon as possible,develop and research new theories,new processes,new technologies and corresponding control methods and automation systems for straw balers and shavings and shearing processes,and improve domestic metal belts To catch up with the level and grade of materials is a topic facing each of our straw baler equipment manufacturers.
    1.The structure design of the straw baler is standardized and modularized,and the original model can be converted to a new straw baler model in a short time.
    2.High-precision structural movement of the straw baler. The structure design and structural motion control of the straw balers are related to the performance of the straw balers,and the straw balers are extended appropriately,and the straw balers are developed towards the high-tech industry.

    3.Control automation.

    4.Diversified functions of straw baler.With man-machine interface,fully automatic operation,and arbitrary program control, the market demand for straw balers is large.
    Nick brand straw baler has stable action, simple operation, low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance. It is a good helper for your production.
  • In fact,the regular inspection of the baler is a planned preventive inspection.In addition to the human senses,the equipment should be regularly inspected.The equipment should also be thoroughly inspected.Responses:inspections of oil cylinders,oil pumps,electrical appliances,and various sliding parts .
    1.The maintenance of hydraulic straw baler should be neat,clean,firm,lubricated,anti-corrosive and safe.
    2.The parts of daily inspection and maintenance and regular inspection should be comprehensive:inspection of oil cylinder,oil pump,electrical appliances,and various sliding parts.

    3.Do not modify the machine parts or modify the machine if the maintenance check is overshooting.

    4.Maintenance and inspection of the power cord,make sure that the power cord is placed in the forklift and the channel,and avoid placing it in a place that may be pressed against the power cord.
    5.Straws are flammable materials,so please avoid open flames at the site of the straw baler.
    The Nick brand straw baler has simple structure, small volume, simple daily operation and maintenance, convenient transportation and storage, continuous operation, and high efficiency.
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