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  • The waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions,so that the volume is greatly reduced,so as to reduce the transportation volume,save the freight,and increase the benefits for the enterprise.Now the domestic waste paper hydraulic baler has been greatly improved,and many waste collection stations have already used the automatic waste paper hydraulic baler.The market demand has changed.

    More and more companies are adjusting their positioning and seeking new directions.At the same time,many powerful companies have vigorously launched their own brands.With the improvement of residents’ living standards and income,In recent years,waste paper hydraulic baler has been widely used in China.Therefore, the waste paper baler industry will still have certain opportunities for breakthroughs.

    As long as there is innovation,Nickel always takes quality as the main purpose of production to meet the different needs of customers and bring more benefits to the company and individuals.

  • Hydraulic cotton baler is suitable for compressing and packing loose foam materials,lint,short lint,chemical fiber,wool,etc.Features are as follows:
    1.Automatically complete the processes of pre-pressing,metering,re-boxing,press-packing sampling,unboxing,and out-of-packing.
    2.The auxiliary machine system automatically completes the processes of receiving,sending,pushing,weighing,packaging,and conveying.
    3.Touch screen and fault analysis system make operation simple and easy to maintain.

    4.Using cartridge valve,Schneider Electric,Siemens PLC control,reliable performance.

    Nick brand cotton baler is simple to operate and automatically discharges the bales,which improves work efficiency. The installation of emergency stop settings makes the operation safer and perfect after-sales.
  • Ramie is a widely distributed silage variety in my country.It is distributed in 21 provinces(regions)from Southwest,South China to Hebei.Among them,Hubei,Hunan,Jiangxi,Sichuan and other provinces account for about 90% of the world's total ramie production.Ramie leaf silage fermentation The latter is very suitable for feeding cattle and sheep,and the resources are very large.

    However,because ramie stalks are prone to aging and fibrosis,in order to preserve their good feed value during processing,we must harvest and silage in time.This is not only conducive to a balanced supply of forage grass for cattle and sheep,but also prevents Seasonal grass change will adversely affect the growth of cattle and sheep.

    The main technical operations of using a straw baler for ramie silage are as follows:

    One.Harvest in time
    Two.Scientific Silage
    1.Material preparation
    After harvesting the tender ramie stems and leaves,they should be sun-dried or air-dried to reduce the moisture content to about 60%.Use a kneading machine to form 3-5 cm pieces,and the humidity should be between 65% and 75%(hold For tightly chopped raw materials,it is advisable to see liquid from the finger joints without dripping).If the water content is insufficient,add water to the raw materials and mix well and then use a straw baler for silage.If the humidity is too high,the raw materials can be properly aired Then silage(the drying time should not exceed 12 hours).
    2.Add green storage starter
    The raw material of silage must be rich in sugar before it can be fermented,but because the sugar content of feed ramie is too low the silage fermentation is not easy to succeed.Therefore,in order to make feed ramie into good-quality silage feed,we can use fermenting agents,sugar-adding methods and other methods to promote fermentation.
    3.Use a straw baler to wrap the silage

    The chopped raw materials should be compressed and bundled in time,and wrapped in a special pasture film.

    Three.Reasonable feeding
    Silage has a wine aroma,yellow-green color,soft and non-sticky touch,and can be fed.In the first use of silage feeding,pay attention to from less to more,the feeding amount can reach 3/4 of the total diet.The transition period can be arranged for 3-5 days,gradually increasing the amount from less to more.Because of the high protein content of ramie,the content of protein feed such as soybean meal can be appropriately reduced in the formula of concentrated feed to achieve the purpose of saving costs.
    Nick brand green storage forage baler is safe and reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,easy to use,simple to maintain and operate.It is a good helper for your production.
  • Many people have this feeling:in the hydraulic baler family,the scrap baler is very inconspicuous,and it is the simplest one.In fact,the Nick brand scrap baler seems simple,but there are some things to pay attention to in actual production,so that the performance of the equipment can be maximized.
    1.When feeding the scrap steel packaging box,it is necessary to pay attention to the uniform and flat feeding,not high on one side and low on the other,otherwise it will cause the pressure,the piston rod to tilt or even bend.

    2.The hydraulic oil of the hydraulic system should be replaced and filtered once a month after the first use,and then replaced or filtered every six months to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

    Although the technique seems simple,it can play an important role in actual production operations.Nick brand metal baler is easy to operate, safe and energy-saving, it is your best helper.
  • The yellow storage straw baler is troublesome when changing the production varieties,and it takes a lot of time to prepare.Through the development of technology,the yellow storage straw baler equipment can already be fully adapted to the production of various varieties without preparation work.It can be put into production,so it effectively reduces the production efficiency and makes the equipment more cost-effective.

    In the process of technological upgrading of yellow storage straw baler equipment,not only the work efficiency is upgraded,but also the beautiful appearance of the equipment and the simplification of operation have brought more help to the production of production enterprises,thereby improving the production efficiency and optimizing the equipment.Technically,it also has outstanding performance.This development model can be used for a long time.

    Of course,it can not only be used in the development process of scrap packaging machines,but also can be applied to other packaging machine equipment production transformation processes.

    The Nick brand yellow storage straw baler has a simple structure,small volume,simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage,continuous operation,and high efficiency.

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