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Application and installation of garment packing machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-04-01 AllPageView : 391
This series of balers are divided into horizontal bars and parallel bars. They have the characteristics of sufficient pressure, safety and durability. They are widely used in garment underwear factories, old article recycling companies, 
old clothes exporters, waste stations and other enterprises. Clothing, down jackets, quilts, shoes, etc. are packaged and recycled. It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce 
costs. The nominal pressure is 30T-50T-60T-80T-120T and other specifications.
Machine installation steps
1. The machine must be steadily placed on the ground without swinging.
2. The pressure of the machine has been fully adjusted before leaving the factory, and it can be used after injecting 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil and connecting it to the power supply
3. The voltage and frequency of the machine are: 380V/50Hz (the export machine is customized according to the local voltage), three-phase four-wire system, three wires are connected to the corresponding terminal of the electrical box, 
and one ground wire is connected to the metal of the electrical box to prevent leakage;
4. Turn on the main power switch, and then press the machine start button to test the machine;
5. The manual reversing valve has three gears, which are divided into: upper, middle, and lower; middle position: the pressure plate stops; the lower position: the pressure plate is pressed down; the upper position: the pressure plate is 
6. When testing the machine, check the rotation of the motor. There is an arrow mark. If the pressure plate is not pressed down, the power cord should be exchanged.
7. After the machine is debugged, the pressure plate can go up and down normally; close the door of the machine, operate it several times, exhaust the air in the tubing, and then put the materials into the box for compression and packaging;

8. After the package is finished, the strapping should be carried out. The pressure plate should be pushed to the bottom, the manual reversing valve should be set to the middle gear, press the switch, the motor will stop, and the machine door should be opened. Remember that people should stand on the side when opening the door. Stand up to prevent people from opening the door to hurt people;
9. When all the doors are opened, tie them with packing tapes according to the symmetrical grooves on the upper and lower pressure plates. After they are tied, turn on the power supply and raise the pressure plates;
10. Remove the packaged materials from the machine; lay a package;
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