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Hydraulic Baling press machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-12-07 AllPageView : 331
Choosing to purchase a good quality waste paper special baler can save you worry, money and effort, less maintenance and lower cost, and the better the quality baler, the better the after-sales service, the more timely, because it is done well The cost of the equipment manufacturer is much higher, and the after-sales maintenance is less, so after-sales can definitely be done, also because the quality of the machine is good, the better the after-sales factory, the better, and you can always guarantee your after-sales, you can rest assured Make money loose
Choose a poor quality waste paper special baler. The machine breaks every three to five times or even breaks every day. It delays things, can’t make money, and makes trouble all day long. The cost of making bad equipment is much lower, and the accessories used are much worse, so after-sales There are more repairs, so after-sales repairs are slow or even impossible. As a result, the business will get worse and worse. As a result, the manufacturer will close and the manufacturer of waste paper baler is gone. Your after-sales service will definitely be terminated, and your equipment will also be terminated. Turned into a pile of scrap iron, you will go bankrupt or spend money to buy equipment and start again, even if you don’t go bankrupt, you will lose a lot of money.
Therefore, it is most important for the brand to buy a special baler for waste paper. There are several points to choose a baler:
First, it depends on the structure and the materials used, whether it is welded with new iron plates, square tubes, orbital steel or pieced together with old and broken iron;
Second, it depends on the workmanship, whether the welding is careful or not, and the detail location. A regular machine and equipment manufacturer will not allow the machine to have many defects;
Third, it depends on the motor, the size of the motor, the number of poles, and the quality brand;
Fourth, it depends on the size of the hydraulic cylinder. The thickness of the hydraulic cylinder is directly related to the pressure of the machine;
Fifth, it depends on the size, brand, and quality of the hydraulic pump used, and see if it matches the motor hydraulic cylinder. The size of the hydraulic pump is directly related to the pressure and speed of the machine and equipment;

Sixth, look at the hydraulic system, look at the size of the valve block and the matching with the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic pump.

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