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  • The baler uses the force of a hydraulic cylinder to compress various waste materials into regular and compact bales. After the bales are compressed, the operator can further use plastic bands, iron wires, steel wires, etc. to bind the bales to make the bales The block can still maintain a tight and regular form during transportation.
    Regular and compact bales can greatly increase the weight of materials stored in the same storage space and increase the weight of the cabinet. The baler is an indispensable machine in the waste recycling and processing industry, reducing transportation and warehousing costs for users' waste management, thereby creating more profits.
    The hydraulic baler has a wide range of applications, suitable for waste paper, waste paper boxes, straw, clothing, cotton, textiles, plastic bottles, wood chips, rice husk, peanut shells, cotton fiber, metal, scrap iron, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, waste Metal scraps, woven bags, sponges, tires and other waste items are recycled and compressed for packaging.

    Nick Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of hydraulic balers, providing more than 140 types of balers, with many styles and models. Welcome to visit www.nkbaler.net

  • The double-chamber garment packing machine is mainly used for compressing and packing old clothes, towels, rags, fiber fabrics and other materials.
    1. Double-cavity structure can pack and feed materials at the same time, which greatly improves work efficiency;
    2. The way of carrying the box, simple operation, improve efficiency; cross-bundling, to achieve compact and tidy packing;
    3. It is suitable for weaving, plastic film, plastic bag to wrap the block.
    This Baling Press has many styles and different models, mainly NK-T60, NK-T60L, NK-T90L, and the compression force is also different. From 60Ton-90Ton, the packing capacity is from 6-12 bags/hour, and the packing weight is from 45- 150kg

    For more details about the double-cavity carrying case Baling Press, please pay attention to the Nick website www.nkbaler.net, we can also tailor the Baling Press for you according to your specific needs.

  • Rice husk packing machine is mainly used for compressing and packing wood chips, shavings, rags, peanut husks, rice husks, cotton seeds or other similar loose materials, which greatly reduces transportation costs, saves floor space, and improves work efficiency. What problems will you encounter during use? Nick takes you a brief understanding
    1. The machine cannot run: the oil pump motor rotates incorrectly. Exchange any two of the three phase wires until the motor rotates clockwise
    2. No hydraulic oil: add hydraulic oil until the best oil level
    3. The cylinder can only move in one direction: push the spool with a screwdriver, or remove the valve and clean it.
    4. The pressure plate of the Baling Press will not move: the valve coil is burned and check the circuit system with a multimeter. If the wire is ok, please check the coil inside the solenoid valve.
    5. Limit switch failure: use a multimeter to detect the limit switch, if it is damaged, replace it directly
    6. The maximum weight of the bale cannot be reached. The height of the bale is set too low, and the limit switch can be adjusted to the highest position that can reach the maximum value of the bale. If the maximum weight of the bale cannot be reached, look at the pressure gauge again. It is possible that the pressure setting is lower than the recommended value.

    The above are the common faults and solutions of rice husk baler compiled by Nick for everyone. Is it helpful to everyone? For more information about the Baling Press, please pay attention to www.nkbaler.net

  • 1. The pressure value of the pressure reducing valve is set too low (that is, lower than the recommended safe working pressure value in the user manual): slowly adjust the overflow valve when the material is pressed, increase it clockwise and decrease it counterclockwise. Check the pressure while adjusting to the recommended value, and then tighten the adjusting handle with the lock nut. If the pressure cannot be adjusted, you can remove the overflow valve core to clean or replace the entire overflow valve.
    2. Abnormal sound of the oil pump: Check the oil volume in the oil tank. If the oil level is low, please add the same type of hydraulic oil to the optimal level line in time. Check whether the suction pipe is leaking, and check whether the suction pipe is tightened.
    3. The filter is clogged: check whether the suction filter is clogged. If it becomes clogged, a new filter needs to be replaced.
    4. The oil pump may be damaged: check the oil pump and replace it with a new one if necessary.
    5. Damaged oil cylinder sealing ring: remove the oil cylinder and replace the sealing ring
    6. The piston rod is bent and the sealing is damaged: check the piston rod and replace it with a new one if it is damaged
    7. Damaged pipe seals: check and replace O-rings

    Here, Nick Machinery reminds you to use the peanut shell bagging Press machine in strict accordance with the operating instructions and do a good job of daily maintenance of the machine to make the bagging Press machine work better for you.

  • Peanut shells are waste in the eyes of many people, but for certain food producers/manufacturers (even some small restaurants), peanut shells are not waste but a valuable commodity.
    Peanut shells can be used as raw materials to make cosmetics, soaps, wallboards, glues, soil amendments, dyes, plastics, linoleum, packaging materials, feeds, building materials, etc. Therefore, those enterprises that produce a large amount of peanut shells will not incinerate tons of peanut shells (incineration not only causes waste of resources, but also pollutes the environment), but packs and sells peanut shells, turning waste into treasure.
    Since peanut shells are relatively finely divided and occupy a relatively large area, how to efficiently transport them to downstream processing plants and reprocess them is a difficult problem. Nick Machinery specializes in manufacturing various hydraulic balers, which can effectively solve the transportation problem of peanut shells.
    Our peanut shells can directly compress peanut shells into plastic bags or woven bags. After bagging Press, the mouth of the bag can be easily sealed with tape. The weight of the bale varies from 3kg to 40kg, and the size of the bale is from 400*300*100mm to 750*430*310mm, which can also be customized according to customer requirements. In addition to peanut shells, the bagging Press machine can also be used to pack other materials, such as wood shavings, wood chips, rice husks, cottonseed husks, and so on.
    In addition to bagging Press machines, customers can also use Baler machines. The Baler machine can compress the material into compact briquettes without bagging Press operation. This model is easy to operate and generally requires only one operator, which greatly reduces labor costs.

    For more details about the bagging Press machine, please contact us www.nkbaler.net. Our sales staff will recommend the baler that best meets your requirements according to your packaging needs.

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