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Which types of baler equipment can handle scrap steel?
Author : admin Time : 2022-08-29 AllPageView : 230
What are the current scrap steel processing equipment in my country?
First, the baling and baling machine equipment, also known as metal baler, metal baling machine, is mainly used to process thin and light materials such as thin plates, steel bars and chips generated in the machining process, which is convenient for transportation and improves bulk density;
Second, the shearing equipment, also known as gantry shears, is mainly used to process heavy scrap steel and large components, which is convenient for entering the furnace;
Third, the crushing equipment, also known as gantry shears, is used to process unsorted and mixed low-quality scrap steel. After the scrap steel is processed by the above equipment, it mainly achieves the purpose of increasing density, reducing particle size and slag purification, and obtaining pure crushed steel with stable composition. .

The gantry shearing machine is used to process waste metal, waste non-ferrous metal, waste plastic, waste paper and other fields in the recycling industry. Recycle directly. The wide application of renewable resources processing equipment can greatly promote the efficient recycling of renewable resources, and play an important role in saving resources, reducing energy consumption, protecting the environment, improving productivity, and saving costs.  An important embodiment of the circular economy policy.

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