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  • Hydraulic straw balers are classified from the transmission mode.The current waste paper balers,straw balers,plastic bottle balers and other equipment all adopt this method. Therefore,when we hear of hydraulic straw balers,It refers to the waste paper baler equipment currently using hydraulic systems.

    The straw baler has two processes to process the straw.After the straw is fed into the straw baler,it undergoes two-stage compression inside the machine to realize the straw baling process.

    In the first stage,the straw is relatively loose and requires a small amount of pressure to achieve a larger proportion of deformation.This compression process of the straw baler is mainly to reduce the gap between the straws.Since the straws are relatively loose,the compressed volume at this stage is relatively large.easy to accomplish.

    The second stage is mainly compaction.After the first stage of compression,the density between the straws is reduced,and greater compression requires more pressure to achieve.The deformation amplitude of the straw becomes smaller,but the pressure needs to increase faster.The pressure of the straw baler at this stage is mainly to overcome the gaps between the straws.During the compression and packaging process at this stage,it will be affected by the moisture content,feed volume and loading speed.

    While developing the performance of the Nick Machinery automatic straw hydraulic baler,it must also reduce the price of the automatic straw hydraulic baler,so that customers are truly aware of the automatic straw hydraulic baler when using the automatic straw baler.Convenient and affordable.
    For more information about hydraulic straw baler,contact 86-029-86031588 or visit: www.nkbaler.net
  • Any machine must be operated safely,and the straw baler is no exception.Today,Nick summarized the electrical safety operating procedures of the straw baler,and I suggest that everyone understand it.  
    1.Electricians must hold certificates to work.Non-electricians are prohibited from repairing electrical equipment and wiring.
    2.The electrician on duty and those who perform electrical work or those who work in dangerous areas such as step voltage and electric shock near high-voltage areas must wear insulated shoes.

    3.All hand-held power tools (electric welders,planing machines,hand drills and other small electrical appliances) must be grounded or connected to zero,and effective leakage protection devices must be used before use.Wear insulating gloves or be on the ground before use.Pad insulation pad.

    4.All electrical equipment,electronic components,etc.,if any leakage or damage is found,stop using them immediately and notify the electrician for inspection and repair.
    5.Temporary lighting should use low-voltage lamps below 36 volts,and use low-voltage lamps below 12 volts for lighting in particularly humid or metal containers.It is strictly forbidden to use high-voltage lamps with 220 volts as running lights.
    6.You must wear insulated gloves when working on live lines,overhauling,or working with power tools in wet areas,metal containers,and metal frames.
    7.In the event of a sudden power failure during the production process,the power supply must be cut off quickly,the machine must be operated again,and the power must be turned on in order to prevent a sudden start to cause a personal accident.

    8.When pulling the high-voltage isolating switch with electricity,you must use qualified insulating rods and insulating gloves.

    9.It is strictly forbidden to sprinkle water on electrical equipment and lines.Clean up water near the electrical equipment in time.It is strictly forbidden to hang clothes and other items on all electrical lines to prevent breaking and causing electric shock.
    10.Make a careful record of the operation of electrical equipment
    Be careful and be prepared to operate the machine.
    Nick brand straw baler is safe,reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,easy to use,simple to maintain and operate.It is a good helper for your production.
    For more information about hydraulic straw baler,contact 86-029-86031588 or visit: www.nkbaler.net

  • Matters needing attention in the operation of metal baler:
    1.When the machine is running,it is forbidden to put your hands or head into the frame.If you put your head or hands into the frame,it will cause damage to the body of the packer.
    2.When we remove the upper panel,we must first cut off the power switch,unplug the power supply,and then repair and adjust the machine.

    3.Pay attention to some matters when using electrical components,such as when repairing and adjusting the metal baler,you must pay attention to turning off the power switch and unplugging the power plug.When the power is turned on,touching the electronic control box and transformer by hand will cause electric shock.Danger.

    In addition,the external insulation is damaged,and contact with the body may cause an electric shock accident,which is very dangerous.

    There are many precautions for metal baler.These are just the most basic.

    Nick Machinery hopes that everyone can produce safely and protect their own safety.

    For more information about metal baler,contact 86-029-86031588 or visit: www.nkbaler.net

  • With the further development of the Internet,mobile Internet terminals such as mobile phones and tablets have become a powerful force in the search field.
    As a traditional metal baler industry,it is also facing an unprecedented reform.

    Anyone who knows the metal baler industry knows that Internet search and purchase of metal baler is a way that most users will choose.Traditional purchases are done through computer searches.

    However,in recent years,the blowout development of mobile Internet tools such as mobile phones has greatly changed people's search habits.In the foreseeable future,Mobile search may replace the search pattern in the computer era.The metal baler industry will also usher in its own spring.
    Nick brand metal baler is easy to operate,simple to maintain,high quality,perfect after-sales,is your best choice.
    For more information about metal baler,contact 86-029-86031588 or visit: www.nkbaler.net
  • The waste recycling station is in a connecting position in the entire waste recycling industry chain.Therefore,the purchase price and selling price of recycling stations directly affect the cost of the waste recycling industry.
    Nowadays,many domestic enterprises in our country are also responsible for environmental protection and resource recycling.In terms of waste recycling,the ideal goal is to return from resources to resources.
    For example,for the cans used for packaging beer and beverages,the scrap baler can separate aluminum and iron.This will not only improve economic efficiency,but more importantly,it can achieve the best use of materials and maximize resource conservation.

    Working efficiently on the recycling industry chain can also make a fortune.

    The aluminum-iron separation technology can separate the iron and aluminum components in the cans,which not only completes the reuse of resources,but also improves the added value of recycled products.

    Wastes are wastes only when they are mixed together.Once sorted and recovered,they are all treasures,which can also create more economic value.
    Nick brand scrap baler is easy to operate,safe and energy saving,and is your best helper.
    For more information about hydraulic baler,contact 86-029-86031588 or visit: www.nkbaler.net
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