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  • 1.It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment with a high degree of automation, low price, high output and labor saving.
    2. During operation, the straw baler machine consumes less power and is easy to operate; during operation, it has no pollution, good performance and powerful functions.

    3. In terms of performance, the straw baler machineis very good and has a good price/performance ratio; compared with similar equipment, it can improve the technological  content of mechanical equipment and ensure its function

    4. The corn stalk baler machineis more advanced, so the processing speed will be faster, and it only takes a short time to complete  the work, which will improve the efficiency of the work.From the above analysis, the economic benefits of straw baler machine are more obvious.

    NKBALER hereby warmly reminds you: in the process of using the product, be sure to operate in strict accordance with the operating instructions, which can not only protect the safety of the operator but also reduce the Minimize the loss of equipment and prolong the service life of equipment. If you have any questions during use, please feel free to call us, our phone number is 86-29-86031588.
  • With the rapid development of the logistics industry, how to deal with waste cardboard has become a first-class problem, and the birth of the waste cardboard balers formally solved this problem. The waste cardboard balers cannot be processed without the help of the waste cardboard balers.
    However, most people are not very concerned about the operation of the equipment, leading to a series of failures that affect the normal operation of the equipment. Today, I will talk about the operating specifications of the waste cardboard baler. I hope everyone will follow the specifications when using it. In order to avoid accidents caused by improper operation.
    1. The waste cardboard baler should be idling for three minutes before use. Check the equipment when idling, and use it after confirming that there is no problem with the equipment.
    2. The box cover door should be closed before work, and the door cover should be closed after the work, and the power supply must be cut off before the personnel leave.
    3. The waste cardboard baler is under high-load work for a long time and needs regular maintenance to increase the service life of the equipment and reduce the work loss of the equipment.

    4. During use, if there is an abnormal condition of the waste cardboard baler, it should be checked in time to find out the problem, and it should not be used blindly when the problem is not determined.

    NICKBALER has an experienced and strong after-sales service team. If you have any questions during the use of the product, you can contact us for consultation, contact 86-29-86031588
  • As a common shearing equipment, the gantry shearing machine can easily cut various waste technical materials. The use of the shearing machine makes the recycling of scrap metal easier. Next, let’s talk about the characteristics of the gantry shearing machine. :
    1. Gantry shears are mostly used for cutting metal materials, to deal with some cutting tasks that cannot be completed by humans.
    2. The cutting speed of the gantry shearing machine is faster. As long as the switch of the shearing machine is operated, the cutting operation can be carried out, and the manpower only needs to place the material that needs to be cut in the equipment.

    3. The quality of the blades of the gantry shearing machine is better, and the high-quality high-hardness materials are used to ensure that the cutting operation will not occur during the cutting operation. Higher than similar products, reducing the need for blade replacement.

    The birth of the NICKBALER gantry shearing machine greatly reduces the manpower input of the shearing operation, improves the efficiency of the shearing work, and reduces the transportation cost. www.nickbaler.net
  • The automatic horizontal waste paper baler has a stylish appearance and fine workmanship. It adopts high-quality electrical control components. It is easy to operate and can be used without debugging. It can be manually bundled and automatically turned over; the rigid pressure plate structure is convenient for recycling a variety of waste materials and fast compaction. , Low noise.
    How the automatic horizontal waste paper baler works:
    1. The waste paper baler uses hydraulic cylinders to compress materials.     
    2. During the working process of the baler, the rotation of the motor drives the oil pump to extract the hydraulic oil from the oil tank.

    3. It is then transported through hydraulic oil pipes and sent to each hydraulic oil cylinder, driving the piston rod of the oil cylinder to move longitudinally, compressing various materials in the material box.

    NICKBALER waste paper baler reduces waste and saves costs. It is a good helper for centralized processing and recycling of resources in modern society. www.nickbaler.net
  • Industrial waste baler is suitable for Baler and compressing loose materials such as scrap copper, scrap iron, stainless steel scraps, etc. It can be compressed and packaged in large quantities in a fast and simple manner. It improves labor efficiency, reduces labor intensity, saves manpower, and reduces transportation costs. Good equipment.
    Features of industrial waste baler:
    1. The remote control of the electric box is simple and convenient, and it can also be controlled remotely. You can choose the control method according to your own habits.
    2. Oil level thermometer. An oil level thermometer is installed on the oil tank of each horizontal machine, which can monitor the oil level and temperature in real time to adjust the operation of the machine.   
    3. The side-opening hydraulic cylinder is changed from the previous double-end plug-in type to a fixed hydraulic cylinder. The movable performance is large and wide, and it is more stable than before. The cylinder is enlarged, the strength is sufficient, the opening and closing is lighter, and the large motor controls the pressure of the main board. , The small motor controls the door to open and close.

    4. High-pressure plunger pump, low noise, high quality, the flow part of the oil pump from the inlet to the outlet is made of cast iron, the pump body is non-corrosive and anti-wear hydraulic oil medium.  

    NICKBALER insists on striving for survival by quality and development by prestige, enhancing its service consciousness, and continuously producing new hydraulic baler products. www.nickbaler.net

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