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  • The effective recycling and utilization of waste paper resources can greatly reduce the mining and consumption of natural mineral resources, and achieve the purpose of reducing land occupation, reducing total social energy consumption, saving investment, protecting the ecological environment, and improving labor production efficiency, especially in natural trees. Today, when resources are extremely consumed and increasingly scarce, countries all over the world are actively and effectively recycling waste paper resources.
    The waste paper baler is now a relatively popular equipment, so today we will introduce the maintenance and maintenance of the waste paper baler, and hope to give you some help.
    First of all, for the daily maintenance of the waste paper baler, we must always check whether the solid parts are firm, whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, and check the wearing parts regularly, so that the equipment is in a good working condition, and the production efficiency of the equipment is improved. The service life of the equipment.

    Then there is the lubrication and maintenance of the waste paper baler. In normal times, the equipment must be lubricated in time to ensure that the lubricating oil must be added in place, and the lubricating oil must be cleaned and sealed to prevent impurities from entering The equipment causes damage to the equipment.

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  • If you want to know the use skills of gantry shears, you must first understand the operation principle and cutting size of the gantry shears. The gantry shears are hydraulically driven. Compared with other shears, the operation of the gantry shears Simpler, more stable, longer life, larger cutting size, and the application of gantry shears is more extensive.
    Precautions when operating the gantry shear:
    1. When using a gantry shearing machine, you need to understand that the size and thickness of the gantry shearing machine must be within the range that the gantry shearing machine can cut.
    2. Before using the gantry shearing machine, check whether the gantry shearing machine is normal.
    3. When starting the gantry shearing machine, a professional operator must be present, and the professional operator will control the gantry shearing machine.
    4. When the gantry shearing machine is in operation, the remaining cutting material needs to be cleaned up in time.

    5. The gantry shearing machine can be operated in a single or continuous operation. When the gantry shearing machine is in operation, a professional must be watched by the side and cleaned up.

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  • The solution to the noise of the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic baler:
    1. Tighten the screw phase of the inlet pipe of the hydraulic oil pump or other pipe threads.
    2. Re-adjust the installation degree of the hydraulic system components and the motor, and the coaxiality error should be kept within 0.1mm.
    3. Fix the slender oil pipes in the hydraulic press system with pipe clamps, separate them from each other, and leave the box wall to reduce vibration.
    4. Disassemble, inspect and repair pressure valves, and replace severely damaged pressure valves.
    5. Replace the coupling buffer sleeve to eliminate transmission shock.
    6. Remove the hydraulic pump to check, repair or replace worn parts.
    7. The amount of oil in the oil tank should be added above the marking line of the oil mark, or the oil with lower viscosity should be replaced to reduce the oil suction resistance of the hydraulic oil pump.

    8. Remove impurities and dirt on the surface of the oil filter.

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  • The machine adopts hydraulic transmission, compact structure, convenient removal, simple operation, easy maintenance, reliable sealing, and no foot screws during installation. Users can customize the Baler specifications and dimensions according to their needs to coordinate transportation or storage to a greater extent. It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.
    Product features: economical and practical, easy to install, simple to maintain, low investment cost, ordinary personnel can operate and use
    2. Hydraulic configuration: low-noise hydraulic circuit system, using a combination of imported and domestic, not only guarantees quality but also reduces costs, and the performance of the whole machine is very stable
    3. Electrical configuration: low failure rate, easy to check and troubleshoot
    4. Conveyor: adopts new PVC material, which has the advantages of slip resistance, large conveying capacity and strong load capacity.

    5. Length design: can be adjusted at will according to your own requirements. Simple installation, simple foundation construction

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  • Nowadays, horizontal waste paper baler has been used in many industries, and it has also been widely used in environmental protection that is closely related to our lives.
    Industrial development drives the rapid development of the world economy, not only bringing social progress, but also environmentally harmful garbage. At present, social environmental protection is a key project of the country, and the recycling of resources is particularly important for environmental protection. .
    The horizontal waste paper baler has developed rapidly in China, and the market is booming. This is inseparable from its contribution to environmental protection. After the waste paper is consumed, its main fiber part has not changed, and it can still be recycled. Processed into secondary fibers and then used in papermaking.

    In addition to the economic and environmental advantages, coupled with the continuous improvement and maturity of applied technology, the utilization rate of waste paper has increased rapidly. With the development of the economy, the recycling and utilization of waste paper has received more and more attention. The horizontal waste paper baler has then solved the problem of resource waste and floor space, and has gradually developed the waste paper recycling industry.

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