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  • The equipment is taken care of by general methods such as wiping,cleaning,lubrication,adjustment,etc.,to maintain and protect the performance and technical condition of the cotton hydraulic baler,which is called cotton baler maintenance.
    There are four main requirements for the maintenance of cotton hydraulic baler:
    1.Cleaning:the inside and outside of the cotton hydraulic baler are clean and tidy.There is no oil on all sliding surfaces,chains,racks,oil pumps,oil holes,etc.,and no oil leaks at all parts.The chips,debris and dirt around the cotton hydraulic baler should be cleaned clean.

    2.Neatness:the material placement,finished paper,finished paper,and power lines in the venue must be organized.

    3.Good lubrication:add oil or change oil on time,keep oiling,no dry friction,normal oil pressure,bright oil mark,unobstructed oil path,and the oil quality meets the requirements.
    4.Safety:Follow the safe operation rules,do not use the equipment overloaded,the safety protection device of the cotton hydraulic baler is complete and reliable,and timely eliminate unsafe factors.
    Frequent maintenance,the cotton baler can produce better.

    Nick brand cotton baler has simple structure,small volume,simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage,continuous operation and high efficiency.


  • The waste paper sorting center has a complete set of waste paper sorting lines and automatic waste paper baler Press machines.

    The waste paper sorting machine pipeline is mainly for manual sorting.The automatic baler Press machine is automatic feeding,and automatic baler Press can be realized without people.Chemical operation,with an hourly output of 40-50 tons.

    The professional waste paper sorting and processing center is an important link in the recycling system of renewable resources.It has a waste paper sorting machine,a fully automatic waste paper packaging production line,equipped with forklifts,loaders,electronic scales,transportation vehicles and other equipment to carry out waste yellow board paper,Recycling,sorting and processing of book paper and old newspapers.

    After the waste paper is specially processed by the sorting and processing center,it is sent to the paper mill for recycling.
    Waste paper recycling can produce huge economic and social benefits in terms of reducing pollution,saving primary fiber resources and energy.Using waste paper as a renewable resource can enable the paper industry to achieve a virtuous cycle of resource-production-consumption-resource regeneration.

    It is a typical low-carbon,circular economy,and its ecological and environmental protection is of great significance.

    Nick brand horizontal baler is safe,reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,convenient to use,simple to maintain and operate,which can well meet the application of waste paper sorting and processing center.
    Consulting telephone:86-29-86031588.For more,please visit:www.nkbaler.com
  • We can use a straw baler to complete the task of baling.According to the needs of the work,we can choose two methods,manual filling or mechanical filling.The packaging belt first sets a fixed position size.
    After passing through the heated area,the baler Press belt is packed by air pressure and vacuum.The material can be filled in the filling area,and then it enters the heating and sealing packaging area,and then according to the packaging requirements,
    It can be processed automatically by oil vacuum or filled with protective gas,and then heat and pressure sealing.

    Finally,the packaged product is formed by cross-cutting,longitudinal cutting or corner trimming,and the cut corners can also be collected and cleaned by a suction storage bucket or a hoisting device.

    The straw baler technology that uses this thermoforming for packaging has many advantages:
    1.It has a wide range of applications and can be solid.baler Press of some liquids,fragile products and soft and hard materials.

    2.The production efficiency is high,which can greatly save manpower.The process of forming the package is automatically completed by the machine,and only needs to be manually filled or completed by a filling machine.The packaging speed is higher.

    3.The entire packaging process basically does not require human hands,from the compression to the packaging process in one go.

    Nick brand automatic straw baler can be completed by machines,saving labor,improving work efficiency,convenient and fast.

    company's website:www.nkbaler.net,or call:86-29-86031588

  • With the continuous development of the straw briquetting machine industry in my country,the biomass renewable fuel produced by the straw briquetting machine using agricultural and forestry waste as raw materials is increasingly being widely used in major industries.
    The straw briquetting machine has become one of the indispensable new energy equipment in the clean and renewable energy industry.However,in the use of straw briquetting machine,we need to pay attention to several issues,Especially pay attention to the stability of the power supply voltage of the straw briquetting machine. Nick Machinery summarizes the effects of voltage instability as follows:

    1.The main motor of the straw briquetting machine can not bear excessive pressure and it stops.

    2.The pressure of the straw briquetting machine is uneven,the pressure output fluctuates and the equipment suddenly stops working.

    3.It will result in uneven and discontinuous feeding of the straw briquetting machine. If the feeding is uneven,when the feeding speed is greater than the discharge speed,a blockage will be formed in the compression chamber and the raw materials cannot be compressed and discharged in time.
    The materials are continuously added to the equipment,and eventually the materials fill up the compression chamber,which may cause the equipment to stop without load.

    4.The belt-driven straw briquetting opportunity due to unstable voltage leads to a large tension of the transmission belt during operation,which causes the belt to be too loose,the belt slips,and the belt failure has no effect on the running parts such as the transmission bearing.

    And the materials are continuously supplied into the straw briquetting machine,causing stuffiness.
    Nick is a professional company engaged in the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.It has a good brand,good quality and perfect after-sales service.Is your best choice.
    For more information about straw briquetting machine,straw crusher,wood pellet machine,straw briquetting machine production line,please contact: 86-29-86031588,company's website: www.nkbaler.net

  • There are many types of hydraulic balers,but they are all suitable for forming and packaging objects.Among them,the most important structural part of the hydraulic baler,the electromagnetic reversing valve,is to control the hydraulic pipeline.So what is the working process of the solenoid valve?

    The usual components of a hydraulic baler are composed of a hydraulic pump station,a hydraulic piping system,and a hydraulic cylinder.The hydraulic pump station is composed of a fuel tank,a hydraulic pump set,a filter cooling system,etc.,and the actions of the lower pressure cylinder and the paper push cylinder It is achieved by hydraulic pressure.

    Only when the hydraulic cylinder is not working,the pressure oil of each pump can be unloaded by the neutral function of the electromagnetic relief valve or the reversing valve.

    When the electromagnet of the reversing valve loses power,the throttle valve can enable the lower pressure cylinder to achieve a free-falling fast downward function,and the liquid-filled tank can quickly replenish oil through the throttle valve during the free-fall stage.

    The lower pressure cylinder adopts a combination of multiple pumps for oil supply and separate unloading to achieve various operating speed requirements such as fast and slow speed.Each one-way throttle valve can adjust the cylinder running speed or buffer speed,and the cooling system can strictly control the oil temperature. ,

    Each cylinder corresponding to the electromagnetic reversing valve drives the twisting, thread trimming and steel needle movement respectively to complete the baler Press function.
    Therefore the solenoid valve makes the automation of the hydraulic baler possible.
    In addition,Nick brand hydraulic baler is widely used because of its simple design,stable work,safe and reliable low power consumption,economical and reasonable.
    Consulting telephone:86-29-86031588.For more,please visit:www.nkbaler.net.
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