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  • 1. Put the recycled waste paper, plastic and film garbage into the hydraulic baler. When the material is loaded to the height of the pressure plate, close the door and press the "press down" button. The equipment runs automatically and is compacted. (The feeding height of materials other than cardboard can only be slightly higher than the bottom door)
    2. The pressure plate moves down and compresses to reach the maximum pressure and automatically returns to the fully open position. When compressing and Baler constraints, the pressure plate stops at the preset position of the compressed material
    3. Open the door of the device, pass the tie rope from front to back through the bottom slot and return to the front through the pressure plate slot, then pull the tie rope tightly and knot it by hand. Push the Baler rod by hand, push the rod to a fixed position, and clamp it tightly. Press the "up" button, the return stroke of the cylinder will automatically turn out the bundled bales. (No one is allowed to stand in front of the door when opening the door, so as to avoid accidental injury when the door bounces)

    4. After the bale is ejected, reset the bale lever to press down. Finally, remove the bundled waste paper and plastic garbage before stacking and storing, close and lock the door to enter the next packaging cycle.

    The appearance design of the NICKBALER hydraulic baler is practical and beautiful, and the key components are uniformly used domestic and foreign well-known products, which have the characteristics of fast speed and high precision.https://www.nkbaler.net/
  • Because of the injection of high technology and the advancement of technology, a large number of high-tech equipment, such as door-opening waste paper balers, are presented on the market. 
    The presentation of these products can easily help users solve packaging problems and achieve faster Efficient development model.
    The value of opening and closing waste paper baler
    1. In order to reduce the labor of workers, and improve the efficiency of the work of the enterprise, and promote the strong and rapid strength of the society;
    2. The door-opening waste paper baler is suitable for the packaging of loose materials, such as waste plastics, cartons, straw, wheat straw, straw, beverage bottles, etc.;

    3. The door opening and closing waste paper baler has deep skills, exquisite workmanship, fresh modeling, and comprehensive service, and do its best to help customers solve all difficulties.

    If you have any needs in this regard, please feel free to contact our staff: 86-29-86031588, we will provide you with good products and services. https://www.nkbaler.com
  • We all know that the metal baler is a powerful tool for packaging metal scrap, but the scrap baler is one of the hydraulic baler types in the final analysis. There are many types and varieties of balers, so many people must do it early when buying. fully understand. In order to enable users to buy their ideal machine at the time of purchase, Nick Machinery will introduce the scrap baling machine below:
    The composition of the metal baler is generally: main engine; hydraulic station; console, control system and electrical. Of these major components, three of them are indispensable components.
    At present, the most common scrap balers on the market are mainly used for hydraulic cold packaging of metal blocks by using hydraulic cylinders as power. Use the function of the product to squeeze various metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap copper, scrap aluminum, aluminum shavings, disintegrated car shells, waste oil drums and 
    other metal materials under hydraulic pressure to compress them into various occupational places. The shape body that needs to be used makes the supply of great convenience in transportation and storage. It not only improves the work efficiency of workers and reduces the cost of daily transportation, but also reduces the cost of raw materials, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

    The metal baler is widely used in the metal recovery and processing industry, the reuse industry and the metal forging industry. It can be said that it has played a revolutionary effect in this industry. It is environmentally friendly, efficient and invented on the premise of reducing material costs. Great effect. All models use hydraulic drive mode, which can be adapted to both hydraulic and electrical environments, and can be driven by diesel engines, which provides convenient conditions for operators to a large extent. Safe operation, diversified adaptation to the environment, and large output make the baler a white-hot product in the market.

    In the future market, the industry develops faster and faster, and the market demand for baling press will definitely increase and will be adapted to more and more occupations. https://www.nkbaler.net
  • The waste cardboard baler is now used by many large manufacturers. The baler has high working efficiency, simple operation and convenient use. After using the baler for a long time, it will definitely wear out, so how can we guarantee its long-term use?
    First of all, we need to formulate rules and regulations for the cleaning and maintenance of waste paper balers, and record them every time they are cleaned. The surface of the waste paper baler should be cleaned and cleaned before or after use;Secondly, according to the use of the waste cardboard baler, it is necessary to preheat the baler to ensure that the baler can complete the packaging work while it is working.In addition, when using the waste paper baler, the operator should always pay attention to the use of the baling press . If the baler has abnormal noise or other things, we need to turn off the power in time to prevent accidents.When the waste cardboard baler adjusts the baler, do not adjust the temperature too high, otherwise the baler will be damaged.After long-term use of the waste paper baler, our operators should lubricate the various components of the baler to ensure that the various components work properly.
    When the workshop staff repair the baler, they need to record the failure of the machine every time for later inquiries.

    When operating the baler, the manufacturer needs to hang on the baler a sign "Do not insert your hands into the machine during operation to prevent danger".Before working, the operator needs to use compressed air to purge the inside of the machine in order to easily collect dust and static parts.

    Nick Machinery should continuously accumulate experience and master relevant skills and knowledge in the process of using waste paper baler, so that waste paper baler can better complete the task. https://www.nickbaler.net

  • The temperature of the metal baler will gradually increase with the use of time. When the metal baler stops working, the parts of the metal baler will cool down, and the volume of the connected parts will also restrict each other's internal force changes. When the pressure resistance of the part is exceeded, it will break, and the gold metal baler will not be able to continue working at this time. Therefore, we must pay attention to these issues when using the metal baler. After a problem occurs, we should deal with repairs in time, so that we can better produce.
    If we find that the parts are deformed in the process of using the metal baler, we must repair them and change the deformation of the parts. We must not turn a blind eye and continue to use the metal baler. This will bring to the metal baler equipment. Irreversible damage. After the metal baler is repaired and used again, we must be careful. For the 
    maintenance of the metal baler, we need to know more about the performance parts of the product, so that we can consider from many aspects.
    At present, the metal baler has undergone many technological innovations, and the scope of use is becoming more and more extensive. This requires our users to continuously update the relevant knowledge of the metal baler, including: the characteristics of the metal baler, the working principle of the metal baler, and the use of the metal baler Methods, maintenance and other contents of the metal baler. Only by constantly updating the knowledge of metal balers can we ensure that the metal balers can be used well and reduce the frequency of failure of the metal balers.

    Nick Machinery provides customers with better, faster and more complete after-sales service for a long time, so that products from design, production to customer use, can get a good guarantee of benefits. https://www.nkbaler.net
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