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  • At present, the waste paper baler industry in various parts of our country is developing rapidly and has great potential for development. However, a series of problems have also appeared in this rapid development process. Although the number of manufacturers of waste paper balers is constantly increasing, the development of new products of waste paper balers has been relatively slow. Most manufacturers have spent their manpower and financial resources on increasing their factories and expanding their scale.
    In today's modern society, most manufacturers are reluctant to develop new products by themselves, and just want to imitate other people's waste paper baler equipment models. Manufacturers that open up new equipment are also unwilling to spend any precious time and money developing new waste paper baler products, which has led to an unusually slow pace of upgrading and upgrading of new products for waste paper hydraulic balers.
    In today's motherland, many manufacturers of waste paper balers lack the awareness of protecting their own intellectual property rights. They have not applied for patents in all aspects for the new products and new technologies they have researched, and have carried out effective property rights protection. Soon after this type of new product enters the market, it will be easily imitated by other waste paper baler manufacturers and put in a lot of labor production.
    Judging from the above problems, firstly, the enthusiasm for research and development of waste paper baler manufacturers has been greatly affected, and even many manufacturers have given up investment in this area;

    Second, the technology of waste paper balers and the development of new products are slow, and the technology of waste paper balers in some developed foreign countries is getting farther and farther, so every manufacturer of waste paper balers in our country needs to strengthen The awareness of intellectual property protection prevents opportunistic manufacturers from succeeding, and strives to improve the competitiveness of my country's waste paper baler industry in the international market!

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  • This series of equipment is classified into two types: vertical type and horizontal type.
    This series of equipment is mainly composed of the following components:
    ①Main machine: It is composed of frame, main hydraulic cylinder, pusher hydraulic cylinder, bottom hydraulic cylinder, matching mold frame and mold, and indenter number.
    The frame part is composed of upper and lower beams and uprights. The upper and lower beams are all made of all cast steel parts. The upper and lower beams are connected by inner and outer nuts with four columns to withstand the tension during operation.
    The main hydraulic cylinder eliminates steel castings and eliminates safety hazards. Ensure the service life and operational safety of the equipment. Supporting mold frames and molds, the top number of indenters, through professional planning, cooperation, and superior processing capabilities are the guarantee for an outstanding taste of the equipment.
    Hydraulic station: It is composed of motor, hydraulic pump, pump protection device, professional control valve block and piping system for connecting briquetting machine. The planning is reasonable and the quality is stable. Equipped with a cooling system to prevent the equipment from being unable to operate continuously due to overheating of the oil.
    Console: It is composed of electrical system and plc control system.

    Equipped with an adjustable text display, the sequence of actions and each action moment are completely controlled by the PLC system, and can be adjusted by the operator at any time, which is convenient and quick, simple and easy to understand.

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  • Common failure phenomenon: the entire hydraulic system of the waste paper baler has no pressure or insufficient pressure.
    Common causes of failure: the overflow valve fails, and the oil pump is not working properly.
    Solution: Check the type of overflow valve used in the waste paper baler equipment. If it is a pilot-operated overflow valve, there are many causes.
    1. The overflow valve is stuck or the solenoid fails. If the overflow valve is stuck, clean the overflow valve and reinstall it. If it is electromagnetic failure, you need to check whether the circuit is open, and check whether the coil of the overflow valve is burned. If there is a problem with the circuit, repair the circuit; if the coil burns out, the coil needs to be replaced.

    2. If it is the internal wear of the overflow valve, the overflow valve needs to be replaced at this time.

    Waste paper baler is an environmental protection equipment that uses hydraulic principles to compress waste paper and waste cardboard into blocks, which is beneficial to waste paper storage, transportation and utilization. https://www.nkbaler.com
  • Regardless of the price of the waste paper baler, regardless of weight. The price of each piece of waste paper baler for equipment is very cheap. In fact, this is a big misconception. At this stage, some agents produce net weight packaging from manufacturers, only considering the net weight of a single roll, rather than the calculation of the length of the whole bundle. Different waste paper baler manufacturers are likely to produce waste paper balers of different specifications and different thicknesses. . Similarly, different types of waste paper balers are different in thickness, which makes it possible for manufacturers of waste paper balers with the same length to produce waste paper balers of different specifications.
    The whiter the waste paper baler, the better. Some waste paper balers are manufactured using purchased raw materials, but the color tone of the purchased raw materials waste paper baler is not white. The fineness of the equipment waste paper baler is actually fluorescent Brighteners, calcium bicarbonate, chemical raw materials,

    This kind of fineness is different from the raw materials. The fineness of the waste paper baler is a bit completely transparent. Of course, the fineness of the added fluorescent brightener is too shallow. This type of fluorescent brightener will not only harm the waste paper baler. The support and adhesion strength will continue to cost the waste paper baler.

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  • When choosing a waste paper baler, you need to pay attention to the following functions:
    1. Can be used: Products that cannot be achieved even if the function is basically used are substandard products. It cannot be put into production, has no use value, and the equipment itself has no value. Among the packaging machine manufacturers, there are some small companies that are filling substandard products and putting them on the market.
    2. Easy to use: Evaluate the usefulness of the waste paper baler, including equipment efficiency, failure rate, working hours, maintenance, etc. Such equipment can complete the workload and enable production to continue.
    3. Scope of application: There are many types of equipment. Generally, one type of equipment can meet the production needs of various packaging stations. However, considering the amount and packaging of raw materials, an applicable device is required. This saves investment and obtains many benefits.

    The waste paper box baler pump has the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow adjustment. It is widely used in high pressure, high flow and flow demand adjustment, such as waste paper box balers, construction machinery and ships. Piston pump is a kind of reciprocating pump that generates high pressure.

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